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Last year we shared this article with you all and everyone loved reminiscing on some of the beautiful and timeless dresses from the past… 

The Best Actress is always the start of the show, and when we saw this Oscars dress infographic, we just had to share it with you. Here is an image of every single oscar winning “Best Actress” dress since the oscars began.

  Take the time to stop, think and remember those which you saw in your lifetime so far, and perhaps imagine seeing those which came before our time.
Tell us your favourite from the list below…
Courtesy of: Mediarun

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  1. Sometimes a bit of escapism looking at these beautiful dresses and women is good for the soul Patricia Horne these are all working women who excel in their field and many are mothers wives daughters as well good luck to them

  2. The dresses are lovely but I am so glad that finally some of the females at these awards are refusing to answer the questions such as ‘who dressed you?” Their male counterparts are not asked which brand of shoe polish was used on their shoes so why focus on the manicure and frocks of the women? Doesn’t mean everyone can’t dress up and be glammy, just means that both genders are judged on talent and wit rather than how one gender looks.

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