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When we reported on the surprise wedding of medical entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten and Florida-born model Gabi Grecko, we were surprised about the hasty nature of the nuptials. And while Gabi’s expiring visa may have been one reason for the shotgun wedding, it seems there was another factor that may have been on the flame-haired temptress’ mind.

That’s right, just three days after their wedding in Melbourne, the Edelsten’s have announced they are expecting a baby.

Twenty-six-year-old Gabi told the Daily-Mail last night she is “definitely”, going so far as to post a shot of a positive pregnancy test on Instagram.

“I’m really shocked. I have been sick for weeks and I didn’t know what was wrong,” Gabi told the Daily Mail.

She went on to explain that they weren’t trying, but also weren’t not trying shunning contraceptive measures. Gabi says the baby is due in February, making her only a few weeks’ pregnant.

Dad-to-be at 72, Geoffrey has a 26-year-old son, who he kept “secret” (or out of the media spotlight at least) for 20 or so years. Matthew Beard is an actor based in the UK, and is alleged to be Edelsten’s son from an extra-marital affair.

The Edelsten’s fast and furious wedding was in stark contrast to Geoffrey’s ceremony with fitness instructor Brynne Gordon, which cost an estimated $3 million and featured a helicopter, Bentley and circus performers, and had 550 guests.

Whether Geoffrey and Gabi knew last week about their little gift we may never know. But one thing’s for sure: that child is going to have some fascinating baby outfits.

Tell us, how do you think becoming a dad at age 72 will change Geoffrey Edelsten? 




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  1. It’s says fans Who on earth would be a fan of these two They are laughable Do we really care Not me Not interested one little bit sorry just saying

  2. Oh dear at his age ? I hope the baby is not deformed because the older the man is the more chances he haze to have a deformed sperm so the doctors say poor baby

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  3. Has he had a boob job as well

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