Did Camilla break the golden rule of fashion? And is it such a bad thing? 394



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Like dressing head-to-toe in denim and wearing black knickers with white pants, we all know that you must NEVER accessorise a patterned jacket with a patterned scarf, right?

“Bah!” says the Duchess of Cornwall. “To hell with that!”

She didn’t actually say these words but she may as well have when she stepped out the other day in a bright purple and pink tartan jacket, mixed with a vibrant scarf featuring a geometrical print on her recent visit to Peterborough.

Go Camilla! Who says rules aren’t there to be broken?

Tell us, do you mix patterns together or go for one statement piece and one plain?

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  1. I don’t think horses have a fashion code. I think it depends on the owners colours. Seriously if you had Princess Di in the back yard would you jump over the fence to get to that.

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  2. I think we were asked to comment on the outfit, not be rude about the person. shame on you!!!

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  3. Personally I do not give a damn what she wears or says or has anger tamtrums. Serve her husband right – they deserve each other

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