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In case you haven’t heard, the opening day of the Magic Mike XXL is just around the corner and women everywhere, including this over 60s celebrity, are getting pretty excited. But really, who doesn’t love Magic Mike? And if you didn’t see the first movie, you are missing out. Magic Mike is a racy film that follows Mike (Channing Tatum) doing handyman jobs by day but at nighttime features his real talents as the hot headliner in an all-male revue.

The film was a massive box office success. The ladies loved it and praised Tatum for his looks, perfect abs and hot dance moves. With the new release due out next week, Diane Keaton is thirsting for the new film. Despite over thirty years age difference between Tatum and Keaton, we don’t blame her for broadcasting her excitement!

She tweeted her via Twitter on Thursday morning saying “OK girls and guys, we’re one week away from HEAVEN”. When knew Diane Keaton was such a big Magic Mike fan?

So, grab your popcorn ladies and show your support. The cinemas are about to get a whole lot hotter; this film is is a definite must-see.


Take a look at the trailer below. Are you excited to see it?





Tell us, are you excited for Magic Mike? Will you be going to see it?

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  1. Nahhhhh! I was and still am attracted to men who look great in suits. Musclebound men never did do it for me.

  2. Not me, either. ADMIN by the way . I saw a large photo of A Albanese guzzling a can of beer. I am waiting to see it on here , as if this is not a Labor Party site it should get same treatment the one of PM got. Only way to prove no bias

    17 REPLY
    • Is it a photo of him in a public pub sculling a beer in one go ( which can be a dangerous thing to do) and to the cheers of bystanders, not a example of responsible drinking.

    • At the football . , I assume people would be standing around as he sits in MEMBERS box at S th Sydney games . Another football fan standing next to him , looking at him in a red & green scarf .

    • I think that’s a lot different than seeing the prime minister of Australia in a pub “sculling” beers ( which is a bad example to set for responsible drinking) being cheered on by the crowd.

    • Sorry can’t see any difference except PM was drinking light beer. Just shows how biased this F B page is . Should re name it . AS Mr Albanese is being put up as new opposition leader. You are admin for this site are you

    • Dawn Bruce if you have an article suggestion for SAS, please send through in a message. This article is about Magic Mike and not about politics. We are not biased at all, and are a discussion site. Thanks

    • We are all entitled to an opinion on this site, with drinking becoming such a problem in this country I think it is up to adults to set an example of responsible alcohol use especially if you are the leader of the country, I don’t understand why you had to bring politics into this article.

    • I have been waiting for it to come up. Was on Paul Paul Murray LIVE Last night, obviously wasnt going to come , so I posted it so someone got . the message, After the ATTENTION the last one got on here.

    • Starts at 60 I know,, was waiting for it to come up on here as it was on Paul Murray LIVE last night and hundreds made the comparison of what was said on various FB sites & twitter. I don’t know about not biased , every question I or a Lib put up, gets answered with “Tony Abbotts fault ” and we get called names & ridiculed in no uncertain terms or called a liars .

    • For heavens sake grow up Dawn Bruce, Paul Murray is a young shock Jock, he has hardly voted in many elections himself and he is very biased, this article is just a light hearted article..learn to enjoy it. Not everything has to be Political..you can’t help yourself 🙂

    • I don’t like the attitude of You can say what you like but if a Lib says something we are liars . demented etc .You are the ones who keep mentioning TONY ABBOTT, I did put a few comments up with no bias whatsoever to prove this and I still got the same abuse

    • If you read prior comments you will see why, this is just a ploy to avoid the subject I can name MANY who will not post on here anymore. they say it is waste of time. Have gone to other 60s page, which I think I will be choosing .

    • Nothing to do with anything . He wasn’t committing treason . AND we could go on all day putting up posts that suited both sides which were inflammatory .

    • lmao thought you weren’t coming back 🙂 I knew you would be back but that was faster than I even thought 🙂 all threat no action 🙂

    • Cant be bothered looking up all the sites, Had my say . I got my message out and Admin got the message , Even though I told them where to find it , was never put on

  3. I hate over muscled men it doesn’t look nice and l find if they wear a suit it doesn’t seem to look comfortable l like me natural

  4. Wasn’t impressed with the first, not interested in seeing the second.. I do like the look of Joe Manganiello but I wish he would stop waxing his chest…. & learn to act.

  5. Saw the first magic mike by accident and was surprised by it. Was fun. Hope no 2 is too. I like to look why not. But not too muscled please.

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