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We all know and love Dame Judi Dench, but do we all agree with her?

In an interview recently she shared her thoughts about retirement with us all and they are very opinionated but although full of great wisdom. While speaking to Press of Atlantic City about her latest film, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel she shared the following:

“I heard a lady, a doctor, on the BBC the other day, saying, ‘I cannot wait to retire!’ She was something like 58. And I thought, ‘What is she going to retire to do?’ I am very, very anti-retirement. What do you with your time? What do you do with somebody elderly in your family? What do you do if you are that elderly person? You don’t want to be a burden to your children. Best to get on with something, so my sympathies are very much with what Evelyn (her character) does and feels up to, gets on with life and faces something new, taking on something she’s not conversant with. … She looks forward, which we all have to remember to keep doing.”

So today we want to know… Do you agree? If not, what are your thoughts otherwise? 


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  1. Another rich person speaks LOL

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    • Takes one to know one Jackie that wasn’t necessary
      70 ‘ faking the game or show called life.we more aware of depression than ever and still no empathy great job.Smile don’t act honest or you be tagged.
      false old people that pretend to be “I’m right ”
      Most uncaring stage of life” Can’t be real its to honest rein dishonesty alive & thriving

  2. Totally agree, you don’t work for a few years then say I’ve done my bit now I will do whatever I want as I deserve it. You don’t stop eating or needing shelter. No, apart from our duty to the community we owe it to ourselves to keep working and not just filling in time

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    • many boomers do keep working, minding Grandchildren so their parents can go to work and it is The Boomers who help keep the charities running

    • if forced to retire due to retrenchment like myself and many many of my friends., we are now fully employed doing good works in unpaid work… so to speak, learning new things every day .. Not everyone can be blessed with finding another paid job at 58 yrs of age… I had intended to work on until I drop, but that didnt eventuate unfortunately, but I am happy with my lot and have downsized my life in all ways, and continue every day to do new things.

    • The difference between “work” & a “job” all depends on how the human body reacts in the long term. A person who does manual, heavy, work throughout his/her working lives, eventually needs to “rest” the body by age 60-65, and “employers” won’t even give you the time of day! On the other hand, those whose jobs are mainly “sitting behind the desk” can keep on till they drop dead. I put actors/actresses/politicians/millionaires, in this category!!

    • It all depends what you call working Trevor. Do you mean work you get paid for. If that is the case you really love your job and socialise with the people you work with. I am semi retired and love every minute of it. I have the best of both worlds. I go to work when I feel like it.

  3. Most retirees I know are busier since they retired than they ever were at work.

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    • I am busy renovating our gardens and making them less work as I move on past 80, introducing weed matt and bark chipping mulch over it and reintroducing some older plants plus new ones.

    • I’d love to still be working, I was a nurse at a college but that wasn’t to be so I put in for a job at Bunnings. Haven’t had much luck so I do a bit of volunteer work such as Bingo at a local club. It will never take the place of the work I loved or the feeling I was valuable but basically it is good to be able to call the shots and I manage to have fun. There are many retirees who do a fantastic job with their volunteer work and I admire them so much.

  4. Go Judi go !!!

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    • Yes, Go Judi Go. I retired last year at 71 years. I was not going to be a burden to my five children, and I have set myself up quite nicely, for years to come. Since retirement, I haven’t stopped for a moment, and love it. I’m now thinking of going back to work again perhaps for two day a week. I agree with Judy whole heartily.

  5. I wonder if she cleans the house does her washing and ironing, shops cooks the meals, mows the lawn etc, if she does all that and still has a payed job good on her.

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    • I beg to differ. Her schedule would punish most half her age. Why the heck should anyone do chores they dislike if they can work at something they enjoy and subsequently employ someone to do those jobs? I am retired. I don’t iron ( I make sure I buy most clothes that don’t require it). My husband does his. I cook what I like, when I like and shop accordingly. I clean on a needs to basis, in between writing, painting, photography, socialising and anything else I want. Currently though, we are cruising the French canals. Live life!

    • She is creating employment fir someone while she makes others very happy. Would also hardly say acting is easy. I think she is making a great contribution.

    • Bully she on good health
      Forget the ones that are old long before our age
      Lucky lady sick people just hate the skits at 40 I was the new 60 yr now 60 yr im the new 80yr be as good as you t for one day you feel old age boo hoo have fun

  6. I so agree with Judi. When I saw that movie, I became more of a fan of hers. The movie made me even more determined not to sit on my butt and do nothing, no matter how hard it is to get a job or do something. I want to find my own Marigold Hotel. I want to travel more and find places that older people would love to visit and give them tips. I want to fight the battle for the sixty somethings!!!! 🙂

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    • I do believe that what you want to do is excellent, so many times I read in our local paper people looking for travel that suits their (aged) fitness, and they aren’t ocean cruise folk, they want more to see and do. This would be an excellent way to go, start a Facebook page with examples and pics….way to go

    • Heard recently that baby boomers are retiring in droves to Tasmania.
      Will you let us know if you start up a Marigold Hotel in Tassie, Fran?

    • Hi Fran I liked your reply post and feel very much the same way I enjoyed her movie, I for one am very happy retired from work not retired from living.

      Have a happy week cheers Judith

  7. She must think retirement is sitting and watching the roses grow. Since retiring from paid work, I have to keep a diary to keep track of my activities. Volunteering at three places, U3A, grandchildren, book club just to name a few.

  8. I started to work when I was 15 & retired 20 yrs ago, I say each to their own,what suit one person may not suit another, I am now 72 yrs old and never been bored once , love gardening, travel, looking after grandkids & enjoying simple things in life, and no we don’t owe it to ourselves to work till we drop.

  9. Retirement for me would seem like the waiting room to heaven. I will work until either forced to give up from ill health or I am made redundant and even then I would do voluntary work. The thought of sitting at home watching Jeremy Kyle or Murder She Wrote gets me out of the door every day

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    • Me too. My work is great and it keeps me going.
      I work with the elderly and they inspire me everyday.

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