Could the Duchess of Cambridge have the best beauty secret for wrinkles? 4



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This week one small bottle of beauty product has flown off the shelves after it was revealed that Kate Middleton uses it to keep her radiant glow and prevent wrinkles. Other celebrities, including model Miranda Kerr, have also claimed it’s their favourite miracle product too. And the best thing about it? It’s really affordable!

It’s as simple as lathering the face in rosehip oil before going to sleep!

The specific brand US Weekly alleges she uses is Trilogy, however when it comes down to it, the powers are in the oil and not the brand.

Rosehip oil has been known to improve the appearance of lines, scars and cellulite as well as being fantastic for hydrating the skin.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on rosehip oil and seeing if the product can work for you, click here to look at La Clinica 100% Organic Rosehip oil for $21.00!

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  1. Can I just say this – she’s young, she has no money problems, she is made up in the above picture with blush and all that which gives her the radiant glow and she lives in England where its cold and not in a harsh climate like Australia. She should look radiant, she’s pregnant and that helps and she’s married to William. She has to look good, certainly wouldn’t see her down the High Street with George on one hip and wearing tracky dacks……………..I think she’s lovely.

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    • I totally agree with you Lyn, at her age we probably all had that look. It has been said she will have her hands full when the second bub arrives – but she wont have them 24/7 and if she feels “off” there will always be someone on hand to take over the kids…. she is lovely and I think she does a good job, I do admire her heaps but lets be honest, she is not on her own and having to keep the money back to pay the bills. I think Will is lucky to have found Kate and I hope they will always be happy.

  2. I think Kate is lovely, however at her age my skin was wrinkle-free and was never air-brushed in pics. Reality check required. Hmmmm may try rose-hip oil :):)

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