Compassion across Hollywood as actors send messages of support to Sly Stallone 80



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He was widely picked as the winner of Best Supporting Actor but sadly Sylvester Stallone missed out on winning the first acting Oscar of his career, and it has not gone unnoticed.

Fans and celebrities across the world tweeted their disbelief that the coveted award went to Bridge of Spies actor Mark Rylance instead, including a video message from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In the sweet tweet, Arnie said Sly will always be the best to him:

Other celebrities such as wrestling champ Mick Foley rallied around the 69-year-old after the heartbreaking loss.


But perhaps it was Sly Stallone whose message for his fans was the most poignant. Despite his loss, he still wanted fans to know to never give up:


Earlier in the night the three-time nominee said he was so excited and didn’t want the night to end. He looked dapper next to his stunning wife Jennifer Flavin:

Tell us, do you think he should have won?

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  1. He has missed out at the Oscars but hey he won at one of the other award nights just recently. Can’t win em all.

  2. I’m sure he did a good job .but i cant understand him .and let face it everyone in Hollywood thinks they should win 🙂

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    • Jeez how many hard luck stories do we hear every year. The truth is it is only an over rated popularity awards show. Every year we see movies and acting performances that don’t even rate a nomination that are far superior to those that do. As for Stallone he’s made a good living as a one trick pony.

  3. As humans we all like to get recognition when we feel we have done our best. I don’t think all the money is the same as being recognized by our peers for a job well done, after all it is a job to Sylvester. The other thing these people who vote in Hollywood in the Academy seem to be a biased lot of dinosaurs with their own interests.

  4. One nice thing about Sly is this snub won`t knock him down More actors need to be like him where he started to where he his now. He`s a Good Man

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    • Love Sly 💘 I’m with Arnie, I think he’s great anyway.. better than most in lala land I know that much!

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