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Cllin Firth is a very, very handsome man. And if you love romantic novels, you’ll believe his casting as Mr Darcy was just fantastic. Colin Firth is admired by many women all over the world, however we believe that this 54 year old may have done something – normally reserved for women – to combat his visible ageing.

Looking at images from this month and last month, it looks like he has, very subtly, dyed his hair! The change is hardly noticeable but his sparse grey areas have taken on a lovely brown tone.

It’s unclear whether or not he did this for a role or to actually mask his peeping greys, but there’s one thing that we are asking today… Do women (who are likely to dye their hair as they age) find it normal and still consider men attractive if they dye their hair too?

It’s such a female thing to do, we go to the greatest lengths to cover up our age, however when a man does it, do we still consider them attractive and manly?

Share your thoughts today and let’s have an interesting discussion!

His most recent change…




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  1. Prefer the George Clooney natural look, but Colin looks pretty hot, so if that what he wants it’s ok with me.

  2. There is no reason why men can’t do this for a self esteem and personal care.

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    • Except that I can spot a man’s dyed hair easily. If they have thinning hair, the dye always shows, especially at the sides!

      Best thing that I did 2-1/2 years ago was to go grey gracefully. SO many compliments. FREEDOM!

  3. Alice, take a hike of a short pier.

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    • The problem with Alice is she doesn’t exist, it is a scam and as fast as we ban one Alice another appears in her place. So saying, these ads are so annoying aren’t they?

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      • Alice is actually a man and I reckon from Turkey!

  4. Good luck to him. Who says it’s only something women do. Looking gorgeous is his livelihood. Leave the man alone.

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