Catherine wore a dress no one liked; here’s why they should get over it 372



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The Duchess of Cambridge typically never puts a foot wrong, but when she does, people are quick to jump all over it. Perhaps it’s the curse of being heir to the throne of England, but as we’ve said before, people really should leave her alone.

It’s been a whirlwind week for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who have attended back-to-back events, openings and appearances.

Catherine tends to go for smart, classic-style dresses and tailored coats, and it seems blue has been her favourite colour lately.

But she was brave enough to wear a sheer gown at the launch of the new Bond movie, Spectre, and chose to deviate by wearing this bold, colourful print dress on Wednesday, choosing a bold print.


The dress was by one of Catherine’s favourite designers Erdem, and it is a lovely dress. But, the UK Metro paper is today reporting that the Duchess’ choice of dress has “broken the internet” and “divided the nation”.

We’ll spare you the narky comments and just say that earlier that day, Catherine wore this dress…

And the same report complained about her wearing a “samey blue dress”!

It seems she can’t win.

What do you think of Catherine’s dress sense? Do you think she’s too conservative or suitable regal? 

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  1. What a load of rubbish. She is entitled to wear what she likes. So who is qualified to judge? Answer: No one!!

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  2. Catherine is one glamorous gal… Some people are jealous! William must be proud of her… Go Cate

  3. Leave her alone, she is young and beautiful just let her be. Who is anyone to judge. She dresses beautifully

  4. please don’t let your page down printing this garbage …leave it to the Woman’s Weekly …you have way too much royal stuff as it is …Kate lives in England an is really nothing to us here in Oz …
    give us some articles on real Aussie’s and people changing the world for the better etc etc …

  5. Good on her. Maybe these so called experts should get themselves a real job instead of spending their time complaining about what the Duchess wears.

  6. U K Metro paper. GET A LIFE. I think she looks gorgeous. Lay off Kate. All the newspapers helped ruin Diana’s Halife. Didn’t you learn anything from that. At least William is much stronger than Charlie.

  7. She is an amazing woman of whom they should be proud. What is important is the person, not the cover surrounding them. Grow up UK !!!!!! Be grateful you have such a regal, caring, respectful and beautiful woman in the Royal family. Maybe have a look at your own dress sense…

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