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This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to eat more healthily, but doesn’t know how or where to start.

Everyday Super Food, by everyone’s favourite “Naked chef” Jamie Oliver, is easy to use, packed with delicious recipes and makes healthy eating a doddle.

Divided into breakfast, lunch and dinner chapters, it allows the reader to choose the recipes that match their lifestyle. Jamie has put together meals that the reader can eat day in, day out and this book that will fit easily into people’s daily lives. It’s about eating, looking and feeling better every day.

Watch Jamie Oliver here talking about his book:


Everyday Super Food, by Jamie Oliver – click here to purchase from Dymocks

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  1. I have several of Jamie’s books and I can’t say I’ve opened them after the first read.

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    • Actually the best recipe book I have is “Ferment & Human Nutrition” by Bill Mollison ( the Permaculture Man) B|

  2. If he buys back the cook books of his I already have, plus the spice shaker, plus the salt and pepper, plus the electric ‘thing’ steamer – then maybe I might consider buying this book. Until then NO! Bet he will be increasing his bank balance too.

  3. used to watch The Naked Chef religiously every Friday night, loved it, and if I could afford it, would get his recipe books, although we do eat heathily and well

  4. LogLove Jamie Oliver. He is doing great work getting simple food preparation ideas out into the community with his mobile kitchens. We have had two visits to the South Burnett within the past year.

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