Let’s Talk About Books… and Bravery and Courage 2



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Karen’s weekly video message to her fellow book lovers.

This week on Books at 60, Karen introduces two new reviewers: long-time Starts at 60 blogger Jacqui Lee and Margaret Whitley, as well as discussing six recent book reviews, all of which exhibit some type of bravery or courage within their pages. Particularly poignant is ‘Everybody Brave is Forgiven’ by Chris Cleave, which is a most unusual WWII romance.

Bravery and courage are not only for those in the front lines. When somebody faces their own mortality like Cory Taylor in her biographical book ‘Dying: A memoir’, it reminds us that there are many types of courage.


What books and topics would you most like to see us cover in our weekly video messages? What authors would you most like to see us interview? We’d love to read your thoughts! Please share them in the comments below.


Karen OBrien Hall

Karen O'Brien-Hall followed many careers in her life and loved each one! From accountancy to the hospitality industry, from managing an employment agency to Executive Assistant to the Chairman of a multi-national, when she retired Karen was in Public Relations. Whatever her career path at the time, Karen is a lifelong volunteer. Married to "the love of my life", John, her second love is community theatre where she enjoys acting and directing. Karen enjoys time in her garden and can always finds time to read, around 8 – 10 books a month. Her reviews appear on Starts at Sixty, Goodreads,The Reading Room and her own page http://www.facebook.com/ReadingReadit

  1. Hi Karen.

    I have been watching these videos each week and I love them something for all tastes thank you

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    • Thanks, Christine glad you are enjoying them

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