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I have a new woman in my life, bestselling Irish author Roisin Meaney.

When I learned her new novel The Reunion was due for release, I was reading Putting out the Stars, one of her early novels from 2005. What I find appealing is that Roisin writes excellent stories about women, the type of women you could meet anywhere.

Now it’s time to meet the Plunkett sisters who have their own reasons for not wanting to attend their twenty-year school reunion…

Caroline, now a successful knitwear designer, spends her time flying between her business in England and her lover in Italy. As far as she’s concerned, her school days, and what happened to her the year she left, should stay in the past.

Eleanor, meanwhile, is unrecognisable from the fun-loving girl she was in school. With a son who is barely speaking to her, and a husband keeping a secret from her, revisiting the past is the last thing on her mind.

But when an unexpected letter arrives for Caroline in the weeks before the reunion, memories are stirred.

The Reunion

Will the sisters find the courage to return to the town where they grew up and face what they’ve been running from all these years?

The Reunion is a moving story about secrets, sisters and finding a way to open your heart.

Roisin Meaney was born in Listowel, Co Kerry, She has lived in the US, Canada, Africa and Europe but is now based in Limerick, Ireland. Her bestselling novels include One Summer, Love in the Making and The Last Week of May. She has also written books for children.

The Reunion, by Roisin Meaney, published by Hachette Australia, is available from Dymocks.

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