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Earlier this year, it was revealed that Harper Lee would be publishing the sequel to To Kill A Mockingbird that she wrote many, many years ago. However, it has surfaced that Go Set a Watchman may not come to fruition as hoped, because an investigation has been launched into whether or not this is in fact, elderly abuse.



According to The New Daily, the 88 year old author lives in an assisted living facility in Alabama. Following a stroke in 2007 she has stayed out of the spotlight focussing on health. According to Time, fans are suspicious about why she’s been so quiet and suddenly has come out with this.

The New York Times reports that The State of Alabama launched the investigation into her welfare earlier in the year and investigators have been speaking to the friends, carers and family of Harper Lee.

We hope that this is not an attack on Harper Lee who is one of literatures great wonders. Elder abuse is becoming increasingly common as more families force or manipulate older members into making decisions for their own intent.

If it is revealed that this is a form of elder abuse, will you boycott the book? 

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  1. Thank goodness. I am really looking forward to reading the sequel to my favourite book.

  2. Why do people have to spread stupid rumours? I was delighted to hear of the sequel. My daughter studied the first book at school. It was a wonderful book.

  3. Didn’t Harper Lee write this newly found work “before” To Kill a Mockingbird making it a prequel ???

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    • Hi Julie Monie! I think if my book loving friends have the story right, she did write it before To Kill A Mockingbird however as the story goes it is later in Scout’s life… A bit confusing but exciting nonetheless 🙂

  4. I am pleased Harper Lee has not been the subjected to elder abuse, but equally pleased that someone took the time to ask the question. So many of our seniors, particularly in circumstances where they have suffered a stroke (or other serious illness) such as Ms Lee are indeed being mentally, physically or financially abused by those who should be taking care of them. I am looking forward to reading Go Set a Watchman.

  5. she did write this first. it is when Scout was older.
    Her publisher didnt think it was as good but will be worth a read.

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