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Book Cover Stars of FortuneBorn from and forged on an ancient myth of Gods and Goddesses, Good and Evil, comes Stars of Fortune from bestselling author Nora Roberts.

Three women and three men.  Drawn together seemingly without any choice.  Each with their own strengths and secrets.

Sasha, an artist is in desperate need.  She must get to Corfu.  What she plans is a vacation.  Before long she is pulled toward a stranger on the island, Riley, who is an archeologist.  They both know that they are meant to meet.  Before long, there is a man that joins them.  He also knows this place, these people and never doubts that this is where he needs to be.

But there are more to come.

Sawyer.  Annika.  Doyle.  All different and yet all connected by what they know must be done.  To that end they must come together as a team.  The characters have been making their way to this all of their lives.  While they know they should be here, their individual secrets are not easy to reveal.  How do you trust when your entire life to this point has told you to hide your secrets well to stay safe.

There are three Stars of Fortune.  The first one is fire and the reason why our characters have come together on Corfu.  They must use everything at their disposal to find this while fighting the darkness that needs those same three stars to make her dreams come true.

I am not a fan of fantasy reads but this is such a well written and engaging story – the first of a trilogy.  The characters have been making their way to this all of their lives.

I have read earlier books by Nora Roberts but nothing like this one.  I enjoyed this book and for the fantasy fan it is a jewel.

Definitely one for your “To Read” list – and perhaps a hint for Christmas?

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Marlene Sanders

I am a 62 year old naturalised Australian (born in US). I have been in Australia since the week after Sept 11th. My favourite author would be Bertrice Small (historical romance with a fair amount of heat) but I will read almost anything so long as it is interesting. I am currently enrolled in GAA attempting to get a certification in gemology. When I worked it was as an office manager, but I am now retired. I have created a travel blog but if I am honest, have not updated it recently. I read online news ( and The Age) and one of my pet peeves is that no one proofreads the articles before they are posted. I have sent several emails to them offering my services but no reply.

  1. I enjoy ‘who dunnits’ mainly but alternate reading them with Fantasy. I’ve brought the collections featuring a range of different authors on Kindle. Some of the authors stories I have enjoyed and gone onto buy the rest of the series, some I don’t find interesting enough. I’ve done the same with other genres too. The quiet cheap collections of around seven different authors allows you to sample their writing. I’ve happened across a few authors this way that I’d not heard off and whose books I’ve subsequently brought.

  2. Having in my possession every Nora Roberts book she’s ever written, even all the J D Robb books, and having read them all numerous times, I’m pretty sure I like a bit of magic in my reading. It’s not present in every book, but it does feature in many. I don’t like it to overpower the story but Nora Roberts builds such interesting characters it’s these that carry the story and the magic becomes secondary to what is happening to them. Haven’t read this one yet but will check it out. There is no doubt it will end up either on my bookshelves or my iPad!

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