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Oh dear! We guess when you’re a musical legend it can be hard to go anywhere there’s music and a microphone and not get dragged up on stage and that’s exactly what happened to Jon Bon Jovi this week.

Jon was the guest at a wedding over the weekend and was happily enjoying himself with the other guests when the wedding band launched into his classic tune ‘Living on a Prayer’.

The videographer caught the whole thing on camera and zooms in as the wedding singer starts to make her way towards him with a microphone.

Jon can be seen trying to wave away her away, but to no avail as she holds out the mic and gestures for him to join her on stage.

The crowd is seen laughing and cheering him on while he continues to sport a strained smile on his face.

Try as he might, and he really did try, the singer is very persistent and he eventually concedes, grabbing the mic out of her hand and singing along with the crowd.

The band’s version was a little softer than he is used to with a trumpet player and acoustics guitarist backing him up.

Later, the wedding singer revealed that she knew he would be a guest there and had planned to pull him on stage to sing with her.

“It was a thrill to sing with such an amazing artist,” she said.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think. Does he look uncomfortable to you or do you think he enjoyed himself?

Are you a fan of Bon Jovi? Did you have a singer at your wedding?

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  1. Looked a bit uncomfortable at the beginning but he,s always the gentleman .

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