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It was Switch Up Week where the dancers had to swap their dance partners, but it didn’t seem to matter as Bindi Irwin showed she can shine whether it’s alone or with someone else.

Her usual dance partner Derek Hough was paired with another star, and Bindi with reigning champion Val Chmerkovskiy.

Bindi looks so happy as she danced the cha-cha in a bright yellow outfit, which got her a near-perfect score – one 10 and three 9s for a total of 37 out of 40.

Earlier this week Bindi was seen with an anaconda, though it did not make an appearance as it was purely to shock her new dance partner at their rehearsals.

Guest judge Maksim Chmerkovskiy praised Bindi’s performance, saying “It was the dance of the night”. He gave Bindi a 10!

“You lift my spirits like a bright summer’s day, you are the essence of joy”, said fellow judge Bruno Tonioli, 59.

The pair danced to Jess Glynne’s hit song Hold My Hand and was truly delightful.

Before the show, Bindi shared a post on Instagram saying, ‘I can’t even believe this wardrobe! Had to share it with you. Tonight’s show is filled with sparkle. I’m super excited, thank you again and again for your love and support. I’m grateful every day to be part of the @dancingabc Season 21 family’.

Take a look at Bindi’s dance below and tell us your thoughts:

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  1. She’s great to watch. So enthusiastic, wonder where she gets that from? Great dancer too.

  2. Why is this subject coming up again and again and again, think we have seen enough..I am sure you can come up something other than BINDI IRWIN…… startsatsixty so short of stories ?

    25 REPLY
    • Yes OMG is there nothing else or no one else worth writing about – perhaps someone who is doing something worthy in the community,????not dancing and living of the Irwin name basically that all this is…

    • Not negative just over some people being in the limelight constantly just because they inherited a name not due somethind THEY achieved……if she wanted to do good then she has the opportunity to do so…as far as DWS what a load of …….

    • Cheryl Stacey, the reason it keeps coming up, Bindi is in a dancing competition and is doing extremely well, we all should be proud of her what a good roll model for young girls

    • Cheryl why don’t you just leave this site and take your nasty and negative comments with you! No one is forcing you to watch this – you seem to delight in putting Bindi down – Go away and let those of us who love watching her progress do so!

    • Its a free opinion and I am not just voicing what others wont say and I am entitled to give it that same as everyone else – celebrity status has people conned….and no I wont watch DWS get over it.

    • She is a delightful and confident young woman. I wish her well. Being Steve’s daughter cannot have been easy.

    • Cheryl
      I too am over the whole Irwin Family thing
      There are people out there that didn’t like Steve Irwin
      You know
      I am one of them and whilst
      It was a tragic event for the family
      I have no interest in watching Bindi
      Yes I can just ignore the comments
      But I really wish this site would move onto other topics
      Yes I can opt out of the site
      It used to be full of interesting topics but I feel no more
      Cheryl / We are entitled to our opinion with out being rudely chastised by opinionated people

    • John MacLaine, there are a lot of other young girls out there who are great role models that you don’t hear about because their dads weren’t famous.

    • Thanks it seems like WE are not entitled to say anything against the opinions of others….I didnt mind Steve Irwin as a person but his children dont even see HIS father….anyway thats all Im saying on this subject lets move on….

    • well I for one look at Bindy and think of how proud her dad would have been, she is a lovely young girl and how sad that an old woman would begrudge us the joy of seeing her dance

    • Cheryl Stacey – you are of course entitled to your opinions as are all other people. There is no point in getting in a huff just because some people didn’t agree with you .

    • everyone has a right to an opinion but you have an option to bypass the post, why make miserable comments that upset others who did enjoy watching Bindy ? I think you are jealous that your chance for fame has passed you by, I think Bindy is beautiful and good on her for giving it a go

    • Looks more like others are getting huffy with me because I dare go against others viewpoint – just read…..but I thank those who agree.

    • Well done Bindi I think most people are proud of you as your dad would have been if he was here keep up the good dancing!

  3. I think Bindi is just so infectious. She dances so well I think she could win DWTS. Others may have had enough but I can’t get enough. I hope you show us these clips every week. Thank you so much.

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