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Funnyman Billy Crystal has opened up about the death of his dear friend and fellow comedian Robin Williams.

Robin passed away almost two years ago after a long and difficult battle with depression.

Billy says he was in Europe when he heard the news of Robin’s death and was completely side-blinded by it.

“He wasn’t feeling well and he was, he was having some problems. He told me about the Parkinson’s diagnosis,” the 68 year-old told Sunday Night.

“I was in Europe when it happened. I was in Rome and we were on vacation and we had been communicating.

“I wasn’t around him you know as apparently as this descent was happening and so I was totally shocked”

Billy and Robin had been friends for years, having met while they were just starting out in the industry doing stand up routines at comedy clubs.

They quickly formed a strong bond and were remained close as they both married, raised their children and found fame across the world.

Billy says the pair were more like brothers and that they loved spending time together.

“We were just really special together, onstage and off. We really loved being with each other.”

Despite the passing years, Billy says he still hasn’t come to terms with Robin’s passing and that he questions why it had to happen the way it did.

“It’s going to be two years in August [since Williams’ death], it still makes no sense. It still makes no sense.”

“People to this day want answers and I don’t have answers. I don’t know. I just have more questions and I just have more pain you know.”

Take a look at the interview here. Are you a fan of Billy Crystal and Robin Williams?

Are you a fan of Billy Crystal and Robin Williams? What is your favourite movie of each actor?

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  1. If Robin Williams went in to further depression after he was told of his Parkinsons disease it is understandable. To be battling depression for years and then his Doctor telling Robin that he had Parkinsons the result was further depression which made him take his life. How very sad the world lost a great comedian but understandable.

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