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Don’t you just love it when people come together for an incredibly special cause? That’s what’s happening right now in Sydney as nine-year-old Domenic, who suffers cystic fibrosis is living out his dream of being a real-life superhero.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, with the help of NSW Police, has set up an elaborate game for Domenic in which he has to rescue a captured reporter and save Sydney from the stranglehold of notorious villain, Ultron.

The ABC is reporting live on Domenic’s mission, here is the latest update:

  • 9yo Iron Boy Domenic has successfully rescued Make-A-Wish reporter Hope Joy from Ultron’s evil henchmen
  • Ultron still at large in Sydney
  • Iron Boy was helicoptered to Police HQ this morning for an official briefing
  • Has received pleas for help from the NSW police commissioner, NSW Premier and Sydney Lord Mayor
  • Defeated one of Ultron’s henchmen on Clark Island
  • Mission to culminate on the steps of the Opera House at 1.30pm AEDT, public encouraged to attend

Here’s how it’s played out on social media:

Join us in cheering Dominic on! Don’t forget to thank him for saving the world!!


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  1. That is a wonderful story and I bet it sure has made Domenic’s life a lot happier, for me, there is nothing sadder in life than a very sick child, I wish him all the best

  2. How beautiful thank you to all in the Police force you are amazing people being the wife of a retired Police Officer I know how wonderful you all are and I am proud to say we are part of an amazing Police family Australia wide

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