At 61, Kerri-Anne Kennerley is in the best shape of her life!! 144



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This week Kerri-Anne Kennerley stepped out onto the Astra Awards red carpet and made everyone go WOW!

The 61-year-old is in the best shape of her life! We really think she looks absolutely fabulous. We’ve done some searching and found some other recent pics of her and thought we’d share them with our community. She wound down her workload shortly after breast cancer in 2012 and it may have been the best thing she ever did.

We’re proud of this incredibly successful over 60 woman and we love the fact that she looks incredible too!









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  1. If we had her team of beautitians and bank a/c we could look just as good.

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    • I just looked at your photo a team of beauticians could not make you look that beautiful and FIT you have to exersize. You are just jealous.

    • Agree we could all look this good on her money also I know she had breast cancer but I don’t think it was full on otherwise she would not have recovered this quickly I’ve known to many girls who have had it I think they exaggerated the extent of hers same as Anna Blighs ,sorry not being nasty just thinking there are so many different types that are not quite as debilitating

    • Why so rude Lyn ? Just having money helps in so many ways with no having to stress and work long hours in a factory or the access to the best money can buy

  2. Well I reckon I could look good too if I spent that much money and a facelift thrown in ,

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    • Yes, but you do look a lot of years younger than Kerrie Annes 61, she is looking fantastic and fit for her age! You look very nice and also fit but you also look many years younger.

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