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We were excited to see so many Starts at 60 readers at Mal Leyland’s book launch at Living Gems Ruby Gardens Resort yesterday. The event was attended by over 200 over 60s who travelled through the countryside with Mal. 

Australia’s legendary TV travel pioneer Mal Leyland enthralled more than 200 lunch guests at Living Gems Ruby Gardens Resort on Tuesday March 31.

Mal introduced his latest book Still Travelling and answered questions about his life as a Leyland Brother and beyond.


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Ruby Gardens Resort manager Maria Prosser says the event was a huge success. “Everyone who grew up in Australia knows about the Leyland Brothers. Mal has some great stories to share and everyone enjoyed hearing them,” she says.

“Mal lives at one of Living Gems Resorts on the Sunshine Coast. As well as being a great travel writer and story teller, he is a wonderful ambassador for the active lifestyle resorts”.


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Living Gems Lifestyle Resorts are situated on the Gold Coast, on Brisbane’s south side and the Sunshine Coast. An independent international advisory committee recently voted Living Gems Resorts the best in Australasia. Visit to find out more.


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  1. I travelled with Mike and Mal all over Australia, was good to see Mal and his wife on Australian Story, keep going Mal!!

  2. Yes ask the Leyland brothers. Enjoyed their story on ABC, glad they made up. That was sad that they drew apart.

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