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Next time you see your grandchildren, prepare to provide a shoulder to cry on – the little ones especially will need help understanding why one of their favourite things in the whole world is no longer available.

The much beloved, slightly hypnotic TV show Curious George — a show about an intelligent monkey owned by a man in a yellow hat — is an absolute favourite for kids across the country, so much so that when the ABC suddenly dropped the show, parents staged a rebellion.

They took to the ABC Kids for Parents Facebook page to show Aunty exactly how their children felt about the decision.

One mum posted this picture of her daughter with the comment below:

Girl cries over curious george

Where’s Curious George?
We had a mini melt down when Dinosour Train came on instead of our favourite monkey…”

Then there was this little guy:

Boy upset Curious George


His note read: “hoi Jimmy Giggle, get our Curious George back please. From Joseph”

“We’ve gone through the stages of grief in a matter of moments, denial, anger, bargaining, sadness, and acceptance. My second eldest decided to write a note. Please bring Curious George back. We already miss the little monkey, ” wrote Joseph’s mum.

Other parents jumped onboard with claims their kids had “meltdowns” after Curious George was pulled from its crucial bed-time slot of 6.20pm. Parents and grandparents like the cartoon which it’s felt is an educational program.

Some of the posts included graphic photos of tantrums including full face shots of snotty noses and tears.


ABC children’s television channel manager Luka Skandle said the same episodes of Curious George had been repeated twice in the evening time-slot over three months, so the program was being rested for a month and would return at 5pm on October 5.

As every grandparent knows that time frame is simply too long for a small child to grasp and telling them George will be back on telly 33 big sleeps just wont cut it.

At least one grown-up ABC viewer could sympathise with the kids. Janice commented on The Courier-Mail website: “I feel like crying too when ABC pulls programs, doesn’t finish playing  a complete series and then repeats old program in prime time over and over.  Now kids are copping it.  Bad Aunty.”
Are you grandkids fans of Curious George? Will they be missing their monkey friend? 


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  1. Bit sad when children that age are hooked on a particular TV show When we got rid of Foxtel out granddaughters where happy to watch something else. They mostly play outside anyway.

  2. At that stage it is their parents that have to deal with their behavior. As a grandparent usually their initial tantrum or rage has subsided.Just let them get over their state in the moment. Give them a hug if they continue with us & just let them express their views & start to begin their life’s lessons. Let them know you understand their loss & disappointment & miss the show, but at the moment there is nothing we can do about it, as it is a TV show maybe lets do something nice together, would you like to go for a walk to the park or similar. They will soon get over it.

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