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One of America’s leading news stations CNN has been mocked mercilessly after mixing up Australia and Austria on live TV.

The organisation was running a live broadcast when it announced on the bottom of the screen that “Australia is building a fence at the Slovenian boarder”.

While many people may have accidentally typed ‘Austria’ instead of ‘Australia’ while sitting at their computers at home, viewers weren’t about to let CNN get away with their mistake.

A picture of the mishap appeared on Twitter and it wasn’t long before people were making fun of the prestigious news outlet.

It’s not the first time CNN has been caught up in a live on-air blunder.

They recently displayed a picture of Russian president Vladimir Putin on the screen and captioned it, “Jihadi John identified”, accidentally referring to the infamous Islamic State militant.

vladimir putin cnn

Then there was the time they tried to tell people that 110 per cent of the votes had been counted when Scotland voted on whether or not to remain as part of the United Kingdom.

Do you think these Americans need to brush up on their geography? Did this slip up give you a laugh?

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  1. Only proves that there are so many Americans with their heads up their arse.That’s why so many follow and support Donald ‘Duck’ Trump…quack, quack,quack!

  2. Sadly, in Austria they sell dozens of shirts, signs and other stuff to tourists that say, “There are No kangaroos in Austria” because of all the geographically or intellectually challenged travellers who ask where they can see kangaroos.

  3. I am convinced that Australia is perhaps one of the most educated countries in the world – it would seem to me, that we know so much about other parts of the world, but the other parts know so little about Australia. One other thing I find amusing is when Sydney TV stations in their news reports describe other towns, cities etc as being, north of, south of, west of etc SYDNEY !

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