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Hands up who’s heard the announcement before a theatre production about not taking photos and turning off your mobile phone? And what do you do – you heed it, right?

Well one theatre-goer will be feeling pretty ashamed today after an actor stopped the performance and snatched a phone from their hands during a major Broadway show.

Patti LuPone is a multi-award winning Broadway performer, best know for her roles in stage musicals. But she says this latest incident makes her reconsider her future as a theatre performer.

The 66-year-old actor released a statement just hours after confiscating the phone from an audience member who found his messages more interesting than her performance in Show for Days. 

“We work hard on stage to create a world that is being totally destroyed by a few, rude, self-absorbed and inconsiderate audience members who are controlled by their phones. They cannot put them down. When a phone goes off or when a LED screen can be seen in the dark it ruins the experience for everyone else — the majority of the audience at that performance and the actors on stage. I am so defeated by this issue that I seriously question whether I want to work on stage anymore”, she said.

“Now I’m putting battle gear on over my costume to marshal the audience as well as perform”.

This is not the first time the Broadway legend has taken umbrage to mobile phones being used during her performers.

Ms LuPone famously stopped performing mid-song to yell at an audience-member who was taking her picture.

“Stop taking pictures right now,” she shouted, getting cheers from the audience.

“You heard the announcement, who do you think you are? Get them out!”

Do you think Ms LuPone is justified in her attacks on theatre-goers who breach the rules on phones, or is she being a diva?

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  1. If you can’t see a show without checking your phone then don’t go and stop disturbing everyone, it happens in movies too and is so annoying. Why pay to see a show or movie and only see part of it…..

  2. If I was Patti, after I took the phone I would have dropped it on the floor and jumped on it. The height of rudeness by the audience member.

  3. Mobile phones are so pervasive/invasive, I hate traveling on public transport in the big cities for that reason. When you really need to contact someone, and it is important great, but the rubbish you can not help but overhear is so annoying !

  4. I don’t blame her,it’s insulting behaviour to say the least. I’m sure other actors would love to do the same,and the audience certainly showed their support by giving a resounding ovation. I was at the Opera Playhouse when a mobile went off during Hamlets famous soliloquy. Full credit to Hamlet he didn’t bat an eyelid and just kept going,but it certainly spoilt it for us.Maybe that’s the only thing left to do,shame them into having some manners!

  5. Diva …..and I dont even know who she is

    Some people are so filled with their own importance

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    • Kempe – Do you think mobiles should be used anywhere and everywhere?
      There are some places where the answer is a resounding NO!!!
      Libraries, churches, theatres, to start with, especially when a reminder has been given to turn the things off.
      The actress did the right thing – even though the entire production would have been spoilt.
      Live performers in particular put a hell of a lot of effort into delivering great entertainment and it is a blatant insult to have some pratt who cannot leave their electronic gee-gaw alone for a few hours cause a distraction.
      I was at a concert some years ago when Aussie performer John Williamson briefly chastised a disruptive person in the audience.

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