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Royal birthdays are just like yours or mine, except that the whole world is watching to see how people are sharing them. And Princess Beatrice’s 27th Birthday was no different. It is hard to believe the “Fergie” sagas are this long ago really. But they are, and today we have the snaps and tweets that will make you go “ooaaahhhh!” as you reminisce being an observer of the royal tabloid era.

Firstly, the birth of Princess Beatrice. Prince Andrew tweeted this pic out last night ahead of her 27th Birthday bash, brining us all back to the days we used to enjoy in Womans’ Day.

The prince then went on to tweet out some of his favourite pics; and we’ve added some from the Twitterverse last night.

The British Royals dug out these old pics…

And the Daily Mail ran a series on how Bea is currently on board the same boat as Oprah, with her beau.

She is gradually becoming famous for her headgear at gala events.

And we just couldn’t resist this pic of Beatrice and her mum back in June.

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  1. Regardless of her antics nobody ever doubted that Sarah Ferguson is a great mother who loves her girls unconditionally. Happy birthday Beatrice.

  2. I really don’t envy those who are thrust into the public spotlight – whether they like it or not! I admire the Royal Family in particular for ensuring that the ‘younger royals’ lead as normal a life as possible. Maybe their lives are privileged but at times that must come at an enormous cost.

  3. Thanks Starts at 60 another saving of the purchase price of Womans Day and New Idea this week.

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