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I’m not sure what it is about Nicole Kidman, but everyone on the Internet seems to love looking at her pictures, yet no one ever seems to say anything nice about them even though the 48 year old shows no wrinkles in her more mature beauty, or perhaps because she doesn’t. This month she was featured in the American issue of Vogue, and everyday social media borne critics panned her widely all over the web, saying her face looked frozen. Now, with just days to go before the release of her Australian Vogue cover which hits newsstands on August 11, we ask you to share your thoughts. Are Australia’s over 60s more merciful than the Americans were to our star last month? What do you think of the recent US magazine cover below from July 2015, and the outback feature she has done with Vogue in Australia in August as a tribute to her upcoming film “Queen of the Desert”.

The August feature includes a video on the website recorded with the star Northern NSW farmhouse, with her embracing 73 rather shotgun questions about her life.

nicole kidman_2
Nicole Kidman, US Vogue, July 2015. Photo: Vogue/Peter Lindbergh
nicole kidman_3
Nicole Kidman inside US Vogue July 2015 Photo: Vogue/Patrick Demarchelier
nicole kidman vogue
Nicole Kidman on the cover of Vogue Aug 2015

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  1. I first saw Nic in BMX Bandits, and honestly, she was not a particularly attractive young girl. Last night I saw her in the Railway Man with Colin Firth. To my mind, she is still not particularly attractive but what appealed to me was her willingness to appear au naturale sans makeup and play the plain middle aged wife so the fact that she would sign off on these Vogue photos really surprises me. While she has certain glamour and style appeal, she has clearly aged although these photo shopped pics keep her locked in at 30. They are a mockery when placed next to the actress that I saw last night.

  2. Tall Poppy syndrome is alive and well…I love her, she looks fantastic and is a very good actress, if she was from europe or the states she would be loved over here…

  3. It doesn’t matter what her face is like, if she is just 10% on the inside of the perfection her father was or her mother is, we have still love her.

  4. Y I think Nicole is beautiful, I admire her a lot and am so happy that she has found happiness with Keith Urban, I have nothing bad to say about her.

  5. I think she looks gorgeous in the Australian Vogue, Heart of the Outback, August one and also in the inside cover.

  6. Well it’s been brushed over shame you people did not show her as she really is she’s a nice looking woman but this picture shows her about 24 instead of her real age

  7. I agree with Peter May – the tall poppy syndrome is thriving! I think Nicole is beautiful – she has great bone structure and a timeless quality, which will still make her a gorgeous woman when she’s 95! So there!

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