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Being famous and revered for your beauty around the world doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re God’s gift to man and Helen Mirren seems to understand that perfectly!

The 71-year-old has spoken about her approach to getting older and staying healthy – revealing she doesn’t really care about any of it at all.

“I sunbathe – I know I shouldn’t but I love sitting in the sun,” she told Good Weekend.

“I drink wine and occasionally I’ll drink to excess. I eat French Fries. I’ve never managed to go to the gym for longer than two months… I’m not particular. Life is too short and too precious.”

Health warnings be dammed!

She also said she has “no beauty regimen” and prefers to put her time and energy into things that make her happy instead.

While many woman in Hollywood unfortunately seem to pump themselves full of botox or go under the knife once they reach a certain age, Helen has chosen to skip it all go au natural instead – just like the rest of us poor suckers!

“I’m happy being in my 70s and there will be another person in me at 80, hopefully, and I can’t wait to meet her,” she said.

Helen is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon either, recently confirming that she will appear in the blockbuster franchise Fast and the Furious – a movie about fast cars, loud music and plenty of action.

Do you take the same approach as Helen when it comes to ageing? Who’s your favourite baby boomer celebrity?

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  1. I am like Helen I am 65 . Love going for my walks 4 or 5 k in the morning do what I want to do during the day . Eat sensibly then have a few wines probably to access & have some cigarettes , I have done the damage now . Enjoy do what you want as you get older .

  2. [email protected]

    Helen Mirren is my idol. I also love reading about older women doing amazing things, even though I may forget theirnames. Like the 80 yr old body builder. Amazing women.

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