A body to be proud of: Helen Mirren shows us that 69 isn’t too old to wear a swimsuit 80



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Who said you can’t look great in a swimsuit over 60? Not Helen Mirren, that’s for sure. She’s giving women around the world body confidence and showing that all your curves, bumps and lumps are to be celebrated, not hidden away.

It looks like Helen has been relaxing as she takes a break from her hectic work schedule. She’s just finished her Broadway show The Audience and has just had new movie Woman in Gold hit cinemas.

While we freeze here in Australia, we are deeply envious of these pictures of Helen lazing about on a boat off the coast of Italy.

She didn’t have the most glamorous or expensive swimsuit but what she did have was a don’t care attitude, and that’s what we love. Helen Mirren has never been one to shy away from exactly who she is, and dress in what she feels comfortable.

After a day on the yacht, Helen covered up in a white kaftan and sun hat.

It’s no surprise that many are applauding Helen for her latest swimsuit pics – in 2011 she was voted “Body of the Year” by L.A. Fitness gym, according to People, thanks to that famous photo of her in the red bikini.

Take a look at the pics below and tell us, are you body confident? Do you think she looks great? 

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  1. I never thought anyone too old to wear a swimsuit! Why put limits on fun and exercise? Wear what you like at any age. Good grief!
    And yes Helen Mirren looks great. So do a lot of other older women.

  2. Who said you can’t wear a swimsuit over 60? If you had to look great in one in order to be wearing it then that would rule me and a whole lot of others out. I’ll settle for comfortable and decent. As for Helen Mirren, she looks great in everything.

  3. It doesn’t matter how she looks! Come to Port Macquarie, and you’ll probably find 80, 90yr olds wearing one piece swimsuits. Of course 69 isn’t too old to wear a swimsuit!……………………..

  4. I still wear a swimsuit and I just turned 70, didn’t feel embarrassed on the beach in Port Douglas recently. There were a lot of bigger people than me there and a lot of them were years younger.

  5. Think someone on starts at sixty is getting a little overly fixated with Helen Mirren !! Yes she looks ok for her age but think we have all seen quite enough of the woman now thanks!!!

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