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Queen Elizabeth is about become the longest reigning royal in history on September 9, and tonight we decided we want to know more about the Queen on a personal level!

There are 10 little known things you didn’t know about the Queen that will make you smile!

  1. When the Queen needs to practise for the State Opening of Parliament, she can’t use the State Crown (as it is on display at the Tower of London), the Queen will then use a sack of flour on her head of equivalent weight.
  1. In 1953/54 when the Queen set on her Coronation tour and visited some warm countries like Australia. The Queen would hold her pearl necklace up from her neck to avoid an unfortunate tan-line.
  1. Elizabeth as a young Princess was sick of writing out columns of verbs in her French classes that she decided to pour a bottle of ink over her head in protest.
  1. Despite being crowned Queen for a while, Elizabeth didn’t truly feel like a queen until she saw the emblazoned E.R. legend on the Windsor milk bottles.
  1. When the Queen has finished her dinner, instead of chatting, she will read letters from the members of the public. Elizabeth enjoys reading about their lives, like ducklings that have hatched, that a drain cover has not been replaced by the local authority, that they don’t like the government or monarchy and so on.
  1. A courtier once told the young Prince Harry “The Queen will be here at teatime” to which he responded, “Who’s the Queen”?
  1. One Christmas day, after the royals finished their meal, a junior footman, Fraser Marlton Thomas, thought that The Queen was getting up from the table, while he moved her chair, she sat right back down and immediately feel to the floor. Luckily unhurt, the Queen found the act as amusing as the rest of her family.
  1. The Queen will use her handbag as a vital signalling device. If the Queen places her bag on the dinner table it means: I want to leave in five minutes. If Elizabeth moves her handbag from arm to arm it means it is time to talk to someone else.
  1. When the Queen met The Beatles in 1963 at the Royal Variety Show she was more then excited. She asked Paul McCartney where their next show was and he replied with “Slough, Ma’am”. Elizabeth was delighted and as the view of Slough can be seen from the royal residence at Windsor. “Oh, that near us”, she said!
  1. As Windsor is right next to Heathrow and planes roar over the castle. The Queen can identify each type of plane by its sounds. When friends have lunch with The Queen, she says “Boeing 717” Then responds with “That’s an airbus”.


Extracted from What A Thing To Say To The Queen: A Collection Of Royal Anecdotes From The House Of Windsor by Thomas Blaikie.


Tell us, which of these made you smile? Do you have another 

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  1. Must be a slow news day. Isnt that sort of stuff that WHO, New Idea or Womens Weekly sort of push. Can we not have something more relevant to the present. For example the republic, the commission into the unions, the economy, the unfair tax system in Australia just to mention a few!

    5 REPLY
    • It’s amazing how a photo of the Queen, or other members of the Royal Family brings out all the negative rubbish – including the comments. The very fact that she has done her job faithfully her entire working life I can understand some people not being able to appreciate working that long. The stability her reign has given to the Commonwealth – in particular – is the envy of the thinking world. That’s the other reason your comments are so predictable.

    • We cant always be serious all the time its good to to see a story of a wonderful tradition that is centuries old and chill out something light hearted and relax politics in australia are boring useless and pathetic life is hard enough as it is

    • The news is always full of rubbish and scare tactics.
      How refreshing to read about our wonderful Queen Elizabeth. As for a republic stop wasting money, it’s not going to change anything for the better. The Queen is a figure head and does not rule us. If only everyone had the same dignity, work ethics, respect and love for all people around the world.

    • I am sorry you feel that lawrie and or chris. It does sound a little like a fairytale. Thank God that people are different and not brain washed by the right to rule brigade et al. Peace comrades! Hahahaha!

  2. Uber privileged, but she had nothing to do with her Royal birth. Like her or not, she has always performed the role of Queen perfectly. Don’t forget that the Royals are a tourist attraction making big money for England each year – marriages, divorces, births, and of course scandals!

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