There’s a FREE river cruise event coming up and you’re invited!

Cruise addicts will know that there’s something special about embarking onto a ship, stowing away your luggage and spending your days gently gliding across the rivers of Europe, Russia, Asia and beyond.

River cruising is all about lapping up the destination close-up and immersing yourself in the scenery, rather than simply watching it pass by. There are also less passengers, meaning there are more intimate moments to be shared with fewer people.

Daily stops also give you the opportunity to walk through the picturesque towns and villages that you’re gazing at from the deck of the ship. And for those who suffer from motion sickness, there are almost no waves on a river cruise, meaning you won’t have to worry about being kept up at all hours of the night because of the motion of the ocean.

Whether you’ve been on five river cruises before, or you’ve yet to embark on your first one, there is an exciting event being held around Australia for those who want to learn more.

Scenic, the leaders of the luxury river cruising industry, are hosting a FREE event around the country, Click Here for more information or to register your interest.

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From Gladstone to the Gold Coast there are information sessions being held Australia-wide. The information sessions include:

  • Sydney – Wednesday 31 August
  • Sunshine Coast – Wednesday 31 August (Hosted by helloworld)
  • Melbourne – Thursday 1 September
  • Penrith – Monday 5 September
  • Gladstone – Monday 5 September
  • Adelaide – Tuesday 6 September
  • Rockhampton – Wednesday 7 September
  • Mornington – Thursday 8 September
  • Brisbane – Tuesday 13 September
  • Ballarat – Tuesday 13 September
  • Ballina – Tuesday 20 September
  • Port Macquarie – Thursday 22 September
  • Manly – Tuesday 27 September
  • Gold Coast – Tuesday 27 September
  • Albury – Wednesday 5 October
  • Perth – Tuesday 11 October
  • Wollongong – Tuesday 11 October
  • Toowoomba – Thursday 15 September
  • Parramatta – Wednesday 19 October
  • Hobart – Tuesday 25 October
  • Canberra – Wednesday 26 October

The different information session options available include river cruising in Europe, France, Russia and South-East Asia, plus land touring in Canada, Alaska and the USA, South America and Africa.

Scenic Luxury Cruises and Tours

For more information about the free event and to register your interest, click below.