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Why a land-lease community could be the best retirement plan for you

May 29, 2020
They say life really starts when you retire, and residents of land-lease communities like those created by Ingenia Lifestyle can attest to that. (Picture posed by models)

We’re going to live longer than any previous generation – and that very likely means an extended time in retirement.

But if you’re like many Baby Boomers, you’re not going to be satisfied with the style of retirement your parents had. Today’s near-retirees and retirees want to make the absolute most of life after work, with better finances and much more fun!

And there’s no better evidence of this generation’s lust for living life to the max than the surge in popularity of land-lease communities, where residents can create a great lifestyle for less than they’d typically spend if they tried to buy the same home and amenities in a retirement village or apartment or townhouse complex.

What’s a land-lease community?

Land lease communities are communities for over-55s who are looking to retire in a resort-style environment that’s secure, reasonably priced and offers a built-in community and social life.

Ingenia Lifestyle is one of Australia’s longest-standing land-lease community provider, with a 13-year track record of leading the market in creating this new property option. Its communities in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria are already home to more than 3,500 people who’ve discovered the lifestyle and financial benefits of living in a thriving community of like-minded residents.

Ingenia Lifestyle builds high-quality, modern homes within a safe, master-planned community that uses landscaping, open spaces such as parks and gardens, and amenities such as gyms, pools and entertaining facilities to give its community an exclusive, and very safe, feel.

If you’ve been considering what your life in retirement could look like and wondering how to get the most enjoyment out of your new freedom, here’s a sample of the ways that living in a Ingenia Lifestyle land-lease community could be the best retirement plan you’ll ever make.

A busy social calendar

If the idea of having a packed calendar of social activities to choose from appeals to you, you’ll also love living in a land-lease community. From weekly happy hours to games nights and group outings, there’s no shortage of organised activities for residents to take part of in at Ingenia Lifestyle’s communities.

But, importantly, there’s no pressure to socialise if you prefer a quieter life or just some down-time every now and then. Owning a private, free-standing home with its own garden means you’re free to keep yourself to yourself as much as suits you.

A welcoming neighbourhood

Moving to a new area can seem like a wrench, especially if you’re leaving long-time neighbours or nearby family members. But when you move to a land-lease community, you’re surrounded by people who’ve made the same life choice as you, probably at a similar age.

Sharing an Ingenia Lifestyle community with neighbours who’re in the same life-stage as you ensures you’ll quickly find things in common and build new friendships

More money in your pocket

What good’s a busy social life with no money to enjoy it? Fortunately, living in a land-lease community such as those created by Ingenia Lifestyle comes with financial wins that can have a real impact on your retirement budget.

While one of the biggest drawcards for downsizing – whether to a land-lease community or elsewhere – is that it frees up equity that’s locked in your family home, which you can then use to fund a better retirement, there are other advantages to choosing a land-lease community.

You can read more about those advantages here but in brief, there’s no stamp duty to pay on your land-lease community property purchase, nor are there council rates. And unlike if you had bought into a retirement village, there is no exit fee to pay when you sell your property – any capital gain you make is all yours.

Lock-up-and-leave in safety

If regular travel is one of your retirement must-dos (once we all get back to normal after Covid-19!), buying in a land-lease community is a perfect way to ensure your home fits your travel plans.

Many Ingenia Lifestyle communities are made for frequent travellers, with dedicated caravan storage spaces  and RV style home designs (available at selected communities), but even if grey nomadding isn’t your thing, a land-lease community allows you to go away with the assurance that your garden will be maintained, mail collected and on-site security is keeping an eye on your property.

So if any of the above appeals, what’s stopping you from checking out your local Ingenia Lifestyle community? You’ve got nothing to lose but a boring retirement!

Explore an Ingenia Lifestyle land lease community today and give yourself the retirement you deserve!

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