Throw a downsizing party your friends will be talking about for years

Nov 21, 2019
Downsizing is cause for celebration. Source: Getty

Life is all about perspective. You can either choose to look at downsizing as a tedious process, or you can choose to celebrate the milestone with a downsizing party. You’ve celebrated every other milestone in your life – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – so why not celebrate moving into a smaller home and transitioning into a new phase of life?

Before you break out the champagne, here’s a few simple steps to consider that will make sure you throw a party your friends will be talking about for years to come.

Send out invitations

Go all out and send out invitations to your closest friends and family members to make the party official. They’ll get a real kick out of being asked to celebrate this milestone with you and having the opportunity to visit your old home one last time.

Dust off your good tableware

If there was ever a time to use your good glassware and that dinner set you got for your wedding present, this is it. After all, this party is about celebrating the life you’ve lived and frankly, nothing says ‘party’ quite like champagne drunk out of crystal glasses. You’ll get a real kick out of seeing your friends dine off your sentimental pieces, and it will provide an opportunity for you to reminisce about those times in your life.

Set a menu

Pick a menu that is unique to you and your guests. If you’re moving closer to the beach, a seafood-themed menu will make a nice touch. Or perhaps you’re famous for hosting barbecues in your backyard. Pick something that is symbolic to you. If you want to really take things up a notch, have the party catered and kick back and relax while someone else takes care of the cooking. It’s your party!

Make a playlist

Music is key for any celebration, so spend some time putting together a playlist ahead of time. If you’ve got an impressive record collection, now’s the time to give them another spin. After dinner, kick off your shoes and start up the dance floor!

Give away your stuff

If the thought of hosting a garage sale and selling all your possessions to strangers doesn’t sit well with you, why not invite your nearest and dearest to help themselves to anything you no longer need. Your girlfriends have likely been eyeing off your furniture or salad bowls for years. Put the remaining items up on Gumtree or donate to a local charity store.

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Have you been invited to a downsizing party before?

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