Incredible pantry transformation that you can recreate in your own home

Jan 11, 2020
The Adelaide mum is known amongst her friends as the clutter-organising goddess'. Source: Getty

After weeks of entertaining over the Christmas and New Year period, your pantry is probably in desperate need of a proper clean out.

It’s only natural that the pantry becomes a bit of a mess at times – the nature of packaged food and pantry items can mean things can easily get out of hand. Suddenly, you can’t tell whether you have any pasta left and you’ve got three boxes of Corn Flakes nearing expiry.

A South Australian mum, known as the ‘clutter-organising goddess’ amongst her circle of friends has unveiled the pantry overhaul which she pulled off for a friend for under $200. The good news is it’s so easy that you can do it yourself. Sharing her pantry-makeover with Daily Mail Australia, Leah Kennedy said she loves to clean, declutter and organise and was thrilled to get her hands on her friend’s pantry recently.

‘I’ve made over a few different spaces before and had amazing feedback, so when I offered my services to a girlfriend, she was delighted to have the help,’ she told the publication.

Before beginning the overhaul, Leah and her friend set a budget of $200. She then started the process of sorting through the pantry, removing any expired items and rubbish, while any unused items were given to family, friends or charity. Next came a trip to Kmart where the pair selected containers, shelves and baskets that came in at $195.30 – just under budget.

“When we got home, I put all of the food items back into the pantry in storage containers, baskets and boxes and my girlfriend was over the moon with the results,” Leah told the Daily Mail.

“My friend had never had a pantry look this amazing and was so happy that she left the doors open most of the night so she could see how it looked!”

Check out before and after photos of the incredible transformation below.


If you’re ready to overhaul your own pantry, Leah shared some advice.

“Anyone can do this,” she said. “Be ruthless when you’re sorting and cleaning everything out…only keep what you really need and will use.”

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