Unexpected guests? Looking for something quick and sweet? Give this a try!

Need a sweet in a hurry that will have people begging for the recipe? This three ingredient dessert will do the trick.

Everybody knows the feeling of dread when you have unexpected visitors drop over and have nothing prepared. This easy, three ingredient berry crumble will come to your rescue! It is not only delicious but so simple and something you will love to make, so you will want unexpected guests to drop over more often!




  • 1 packet frozen berries
  • 1 packet of plain vanilla (out of the box) cake mix
  • 1 can of lemonade


1. Fill a baking dish with frozen berries.

2. Snip the corner of the cake mix packet and sprinkle evenly over the berries until all gone. Do not mix through.

3. Pour the lemonade as evenly as possible over the top. Do not worry if there are some areas without lemonade. Do not mix through.

4. Place in the oven at 180oC for 20 minutes.

5. Take out of the oven when a golden crust has formed and leave to cool for 5 minutes.

6. Serve with fresh cream or ice cream and enjoy!

Let us know if it works for you! 

  1. Karen  

    Do you put the lemonade on frozen, or do you just thaw it and pour or mix it with water first?

    • Dale Hennessy  

      Why would you freeze the lemonade? And why would you add water to it?
      I have tried something like this and it works really well. The only thing frozen are the berries and as it’s going straight into the oven, they melt quickly enough….

    • Sue Mayfield  

      The recipe does not say ” frozen” lemonade. It is just a normal can of lemonade.

  2. Mary  

    Karen I know you meant FROZEN BERRIES. not frozen lemonade. argh

    • Harlow  

      Would this work with a can of coke

  3. Diane Davidson  

    It’s a novel recipe which could be useful in an energency. (IF you happen to have these3 ingredients on hand). Me: I think I’ d sooner keep a jar of easily-wizzed up crumble mix in the fridge to scatter over any seasonal fruit and bake. That’s my go-to emergency dessert. Very nice – also quite healthy & very economical. Great with icecream or yoghurt!

    • clasina  

      What crumble recipe do you use?

  4. Ross W  

    I tried it tonight. I used a mix of blue berries and tinned apple as I didn’t have enough berries. It took about twice as long as they said to cook.After 20 mins the top didn’t even look like browning. Some of the powdered cake mixture came out still powdery and didn’t mix with the moisture. Tasted ok.

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