This lifehack will give you a tasty reason to get out that rarely used electrical appliance

What a grate idea for potato... and a great idea too.
You can make more than waffles in your waffle iron.

There is nothing worse than a kitchen cupboard full of electrical appliances you rarely use.

The best way to get around that is find multiple uses for the ones you own.

For example, there are more uses for your waffle iron than just making waffles.

They are great for making hash browns as well.

The best part it, they are so easy.

Peel and then grate a potato (or wash well if you prefer to keep the peel) but remember that larger grated pieces work better than tiny pieces that will turn more to mush.

Make your own hash browns with grated potato.
Make your own hash browns with grated potato.













Salt, pepper and even a few other herbs and spices sprinkled in to the mix will add variations to the flavour, so choose whatever you likeā€¦. Garlic, oregano, chilli, or paprika work well.

Pour about half a cup of the grated potato onto your greased waffle maker and cook until it crisps up.

They are a great addition to bacon and eggs as a topper, or can be eaten on their own.

Try adding a bit of cheese and/or sour cream for extra flavour.

Do you have an alternative use for a waffle maker? Share your ideas here.