3 simple tricks to making delicious fluffy mashed potato!

Mashed potatoes may seem like one of the easiest staples in your cooking repertoire but to get really good mashed

Mashed potatoes may seem like one of the easiest staples in your cooking repertoire but to get really good mashed potato, the fluffy kind that makes it nearly impossible to put down the spoon; that type needs a little bit more dedication. Gone are the days of simply boiling some spuds and adding some milk and mashing it all.

Tomas Joseph from “Everyday Food’s Kitchen Conundrums” has a video that shows you exactly how to achieve the fluffiest mashed potato ever.

In his video he has 3 main tips.

  1. Choose the right potato. Russets are the best choice closely followed by yellow potatoes.
  2. You should use a ricer to mash your potatoes. Put aside your food processors, blenders and mixers if you want to get that super fluffy texture.
  3. To get the flavour spot on, add the spices of your choice to the dairy mixture first to avoid over mixing the potatoes. To achieve the really creamy texture we all know and love use equal parts of butter and milk.

Did this trick work for you?

  1. I always use a ricer for my mash. Not only does it make smooth, fluffy potatoes, it is much easier on my aching arms and shoulders

  2. I buy frozen mashed potato, put in some garlic, chives and salt and pepper. Beautiful and creamy.

    • Wow, I didn’t know you could buy frozen mash. I’ll look out for it. I like the sound if garlic and chives.

    • Me too. Not worth buying spuds and lugging them home then going through all the cleaning and cooking and mashing. A few minutes in the microwave and they are done.

  3. Using the right potato is key. Being from Tassie we have the variety. Them add butter, milk, salt & pepper. I use a masher that I’ve had for over 35yrs.

  4. I buy the frozen mashed potato. For one person it’s not worth buying kilos of spuds that end up going rotten.

    • Being on my own also I’ve often seen it and wondered how they taste. Do you like how they taste?

    • Terri Hamilton They taste lovely. I add some garlic and chives and salt and pepper. But you don’t have to. They are lovely and creamy.

    • Terri Hamilton
      It is real potatoes. Taste thecsame as making them yourself and you can add things like garlic or herbs or onions..

    • I buy just the number of potatoes and other fruit and veg that I need – not the pre-packaged ones

  5. Maggi mash potato has been our only supply of mash for the last decade, there’s no waste, no lumps and any flavouring can be added, I have sampled other brands but none meet the standard of this product.

  6. Anonymous  

    Just add a few cloves of garlic when boiling yummo

  7. OK…this is an off the wall one but my son told me it was like eating clouds, he was 10….when you have got them mashed, and I use a metal masher, add butter, little milk at a time and beat the hell out of them till smooth ….now the secret….add 1 tsp baking powder per cup spuds and beat again with masher. oh…must keep them hot as possible. Baking powder is a raising agent and makes them fluffy…and NO you can not taste the baking powder. Been doing this for over 20 years and have yet to have any one say yuk

  8. I’ve never used a ricer, only a masher, and I have never had lumps in my mashed potatoes. Didn’t cook it for my husband for many years though because he made the stupid mistake of telling me it wasn’t like his mother’s – “her’s always had lumps”.

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