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When is the best time to give up the big family home? Should you enjoy some time turning it back into yours after the kids have left? Should you hang onto it so the grandkids have somewhere to stay? Or should you get out of there as soon as you can?

A British real estate company that specialises in retirement living conducted a survey of over 60s to find out when and why people downsize. They also asked the question: what is the best age at which to downsize?

The overwhelming answer was… When I’m 64.

Respondents said this is the time when people are generally mentally agile enough to be able to deal with the buying and selling of properties, and fit enough physically to be able to handle the move.

This is the age, they said, when this is the age when getting rid of unused space, extra rooms or high-maintenance manage gardens really pays off.

Seventy per cent agreed that downsizing at 64 meant they were still plenty young enough to make the most of their new home.

The research, commissioned by Retirement Move, found half of over 60s said they struggle to maintain their current property and a third are finding it hard to keep on top of the garden.

One in five said their home feels empty and three in ten said they have rooms which they don’t use very often.

Most people said they felt tied down with a larger property and would prefer to move somewhere smaller and closer to amenities.

Have your downsized or are you planning to in the near future? Do you agree that age 64 is the best age to do so? 



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  1. I am 73 in November and this is exactly what is happening in my life right now – I’ve sold the big house and garden and I am relocating to half the size and looking forward to it. I was still working full time at 64 so didn’t feel the need to think about it. But the garden is too big and so is the house. I’ve bought into an over 50’s lifestyle resort and now the excitement begins – the next chapter of my life. And I will be spending the kids inheritance…………LOL!!!!

  2. Yes we are downsizing. Five bedrooms, three bathrooms massive home, two story. No more little grandkids all wanting to come. I think down to 40 squares, single story and my own design, perfect.

  3. I worked it out. I cannot die. Until Iam at least 73. As oldest grandson be 20, I have cared for 7 years and his 2 sibblings are older. Iam stuff already. School rans, doctors app for them. They love to eat me out of house and home. As got diabilities 2 boys have. Lol. And Iam on dole 62 no one wants give 62 year old a job. With kids.

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  4. We are in the process of downsizing, not so much the size of the house as it wasn’t huge, but building on a block half the size. Love gardening, but the time has come to do it on a smaller scale.

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    • The excitement of recreating a new garden, you will love it. I moved to a unit and now have a small greenhouse of orchids and Tillandsias. I can cope with the size and plants are interesting to learn about. Enjoy your new life 🙂

    • We left a big garden with hedges and lots of grass to mow and veggies etc. now built all new in our much smaller garden but still have the veggie garden and herbs and flowers and shrubs but much less grass to mow.. Perfect size.. Never looked back since downsizing…

  5. The initial stages can be daunting, all that flashback memories, but downsizing, redesigning is refreshing and a new lease of life, call it sea change .

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