The home decorating tool you probably aren't using

They are surprisingly versatile and a powerful tool to have in your design armoury. You use them like pieces of art, furniture and other home decor, as major features in a room or a last minute styling detail, the opportunities are endless.

What could this fascinating addition be?


Plants are colour, shape and most importantly life to a room and the ways in which you can use them are almost endless. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should bring every aspect of the outdoors in, but careful and considered use of plants in your home can do more than just brighten the place up a bit.

As a room divider

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As you can see a shelf full of plants in a room can really divide the space and create a beautiful distinction between different parts of a room. You can use them instead of furniture or screens.

As a major statement

A large well-developed tree in your living room might not be in everyone’s taste but you can’t deny that its presence adds height and an element of drama. Case in point, the image above.

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As an opportunity

If there’s a corner in your room that you just can’t get anything else to fit in and you don’t want the space to look awkward or wasted, try placing a cluster of plants there. A grouping with a mix of sizes and shapes could provide you with a visual distraction for hours at a time.

As a living sculpture

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Plants that spill out of their containers add a nice sense of movement to a room, while clever uses of materials combined with plants (like the succulents above) add something you cannot get with other things.

As wall-mounted decoration

How amazing do these terrariums look hanging off the wall? On a blank canvas (such as this wall space) these additions provide just the right amount of interest and a sense of warmth.

As table centrepieces

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While cut flowers are lovely, they don’t quite have the lasting appeal of a plant. Create a focal point on your furniture and use potted plants as a living, breathing, decoration. Oh, and don’t feel that you have to wait for a special occasion either. Who could be more deserving than you?

As hanging art

Plants look great when they fill the dead air space. They provide unique shapes and colours dangling above you. Hanging plants are perfect for those who live in small spaces.

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As final styling pieces

Pairing inanimate objects and plants can make a great style choice in your home. On bookshelves they are especially practical ways to break up large volumes of books (though we’re also quite fond of books at Starts at 60).

Do you have plants in and around your home? How do they make you feel? Share your images with us.