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Imagine waking up every day in your own home. But your home isn’t just a home; it’s a place that resembles a five star hotel, complete with gorgeous furnishings, tranquil gardens, a pool, security and every luxurious extra. Imagine not having to cook meals every day and having a friendly face to do it for you. Imagine never having to worry about cleaning again – nor gardening, mowing or looking after the pool – because there’s someone to do it all for you. We want to let you in on a little secret: there are thousands of retirees enjoying this retirement dream lifestyle and you could be, too!

Before you lump it into the “too expensive” basket (as we do with a lot of our dreams), you have to know that this lifestyle is probably achievable by spending less than what you already are. How, you ask? It’s simple – consider setting up retirement in Bali!

We’ve had several members of the Starts at 60 community talking about their life in Bali. So many people are enjoying the best of both worlds and sharing their time between Bali and Australia so they can live cheaply in luxury while still staying connected with their family, friends and most importantly, their grandkids.

We were curious about why people are moving to Bali and what makes it so great – everyone that lives there raves about it! So we spoke to Jason Vershaw of Saville Rowe Property Group, who is actively helping retirees to live out their retirement dreams.

Jason has been in the business for decades, but in the last few years he saw a unique trend where so many Australians wanted a calmer, more tranquil, more convenient and more cost effective lifestyle. Saville Rowe Property Group provides an incredibly unique service. They will organise your new life from start to finish including finding you land, building your dream home and helping you with the move.

We asked Jason why would someone uproot their life in Australia and move to Bali and he told us that the reasons were endless. He said, “There are so many benefits to living in a place like Bali and most have to do with how cost effective it is. Buying land and property in Bali is incredibly cost effective, especially when you compare it to buying land and property in Australia. You can enjoy a gated community with a pool, gardens your own apartment from just US$80,000. If you aren’t someone who likes neighbours then build your dream home! Jason said that luxury homes rarely cost over US$400,000.

Another perk is the ability to have staff which most people wouldn’t think of employing in Australia”. Jason explained that everything is relative and the cost of staff is about US$250 per month per person. This means that for $250 each month you can have the luxury of a housekeeper! Less time for chores and home maintenance and a lot more time for fun!

He also told us there’s something else that makes the lifestyle an incredible one: the weather. “You’re living on a tropical island so it’s always warm. Even in the wet season the temperature is still great”. This means that no matter what time of year it is, you can enjoy being in nature and doing the fun stuff! Several retirees talk about their daily walking, swimming, yoga, dancing, boating and hiking adventures while living overseas.

The thing about the Bali retirement lifestyle is that it’s all about convenience. Everything – the staff, the cost of living, the cost of owning a home, the weather and the incredible range of things to do give you complete control of your retirement lifestyle and gives you the chance to really live your dream.

Even the service Saville Rowe Property Group offers is one about convenience – you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that everything is being taken care of by experienced people that you can trust.

Tell us: what is your retirement dream? How would you like to spend your retirement? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


This article has been sponsored by Saville Rowe Property Group. It was written by Starts at 60 Writers for the community as we feel it provides insights into a topic that is particularly relevant and interesting. If you wish to find out more about Saville Rowe Property Group or make contact with them, visit their website by clicking here.


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  1. no I am staying in Australia, that is where the love is 🙂 my family but I may try the grey nomad thing for awhile ..since this website has enchanted me to the idea

    2 REPLY
  2. Just don’t get seriously ill, don’t have an accident and don’t fall foul of the law.

    The roof only leaks when it rains.

  3. Why on earth would you move to a corrupt place run by Javanese not Balanese! Anything could happen! No proper medical care etc etc you might be the next one shot! No thanks!

    2 REPLY
    • I sure have. Many times. Have a son who lived there and know many people living in Indonesia including Bali. Have friends who have businesses there. I know the good and bad and would not recommend going there to retire.

  4. Isn’t medical expensive and not readily available? Are we pushing up the price of homes for the Balinese people as overseas buyers do for Australians? Can Govt send take your house and send you home if they so wish?

  5. retire in need to go overseas…we have so much to see and many lovely places to go. And its alot safer country than those overseas!!

  6. Too many tourists roaming about, too much volcano dust, too many Indonesians unhappy about Australians buying up their land, quite a few breakins and assaults. It’s been claimed there are two very good hospitals on Bali but a friend of mine who lived there for many years always made the annual trip home to Oz for his medical checkups. Maybe it’s a shortage of doctors? I don’t think it would be a good idea for anybody with medical problems to retire there. If you’re 100% well, why not. Although I can think of nicer places.

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