How to stay as active as possible in retirement

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There is an enormous misconception out there that retirement means slowing down; transitioning to a smaller, simpler, quieter life.

For many in the Starts at 60 community, however, this could not be further from the truth. Retirement can just as easily be about speeding up. It’s the perfect time to travel; to pursue new experiences; to dedicate newfound time to the people and activities we love.

There is one lifestyle choice that allows for this independence above practically any other: joining a retirement village.

Rather than settling down, this can just as easily be a step into far more active and engaging lifestyle: one that leaves more time, space and money to continue the life you love.

Stockland warmly invites Starts at 60 readers to pay a visit to their local village – and meet a friendly, welcoming community of like-minded over-60s. Click here to RSVP for an upcoming Spring Cooking Demonstration and Open Day.

Retirement village can open up a whole new world of social opportunities, with the flexibility to pick and choose from an enormous range of activities.

With the Benefits+ program, Stockland residents can save money on everything from day-to-day shopping and fuel to larger-scale travel and events, allowing you accomplish far more with less.

With a lower-maintenance home, you’ll be able to lock up and leave at any time, secure in the knowledge that your home will remain safe and secure in your absence.

Best of all, this lifestyle will allow you to maintain your valuable independence for as long as possible. Should you require any extra assistance in later years, Stockland can work with you to find the exact level of care you need to continue the lifestyle you love.

But there’s only one true way to get a feel for retirement village life: pay a visit for yourself. Click here to RSVP for your next local Stockland event, or call 1800 72 71 70 to arrange a visit! Not sure where the your nearest Stockland village is? Click here to find out.

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