How to get started with pallet gardening

There are so many cool DIY ideas you can try in your garden.

One of the DIY gardening ideas really taking off at the moment is using pallets to create gardens.

From hanging planters on your walls to creating raised garden beds, there’s so much you can do with pallets in your garden.

You might be wondering why everyone is going crazy over pallet gardening?

Apparently, pallet gardening is not only good at saving space but it also keeps your plants free from weeds and stops you having to adjust the soil.

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It’s also relatively inexpensive and allows you to channel your creative side.

If you want to try using pallets in your garden but don’t know where to start, here are some pointers.

The first thing to do is choose your pallets.

You might think it’s a simple case of just going out and grabbing any old pallets, but that’s not a good idea.

Some garden bloggers suggest using new pallets because they’re fresh, clean and safer for your plants, but they come at a small cost.

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If you want to recycle old pallets, you should make sure they have HT stamped on them – that way you can ensure you’re not using any that are chemically treated.

When you get your old pallets, clean them down some bleach and soapy water, check them over for rusty nails or staples and allow them to dry.

There are two main ways to build a pallet garden – vertical or horizontal.

A vertical garden is when you plant your plants inside the pallet and use it as a container.

Horizontal gardens is when you put the sides of the pallets on the ground and grow plants in the space between the pallet bars.

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If you want to build a pallet garden that you can attach to your wall, here are some quick steps.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

First, position it against the wall where you want to place it. Make sure it’s level, mark it on your pallet and install some L-brackets to the wall. Next, lay the pallet on a flat surface with the widest openings facing up (this will be the back of your pallet garden). Lay out some gardening plastic or cloth against the surface and cut it to size. Pull it tight and secure it to the pallet with nails or staples. Cover the bottom of the pallet with the plastic or cloth as well to stop soil from falling out the bottom. Next, nail a thin piece of plywood over the top of the plastic and on the bottom of the pallet. From here it’s even easier, all you have to do is turn the pallet over and fill it with good quality soil or potting mix. Turn the pallet up vertically and allow the soil to settle. Keep adding soil until the pallet is full.

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Finally, add some plants. Make sure they are positioned so their roots are securely placed between the slats. The best plants for this style of pallet garden is vegetables, herbs, succulents or flowers. Don’t water it yet.

Instead, get a friend to help you slide the pallet into place on the wall brackets. Make sure the pallet is secure before watering and monitor the pallet and the plants to make sure everything is growing well. Feel free to paint or decorate the pallet as you wish!

So what else can you make with pallets in the garden?

Why not use your pallet to create a composting area? It’s easy!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

To make a compost bin out of pallets, the first thin you need to do is a clear and flatten out an area in your garden. Then stand on of your pallets vertically and secure it by hammering a stake into the ground at either end.  Next, take two more pallets, stand them vertically and butt them up against the ends of the first pallet. These pallets will form the sides of your compost bin. Hammer a stake into the ground at either end of these. Repeat the step again with a single pallet at the front. If you want to, you can make your front pallet panel a gate by attaching it with wire to one of the sides. Your compost box will be standing now, all you need is a lid – which you can easily use some plastic or a tarp for. To firm up your compost box and hold it together tightly, take some strong wire and wire together the corners.

You can also try building a raised garden bed or planter box.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

This one is another easy creation for your garden. First, take two pallets, dismantle them and remove any nails. You should be left with two different sizes of wood pieces. Use a third pallet as the base of the planter box. Use the pieces of the other pallets to build the sides and legs of the box, nailing them to the base pallet. Lay some chicken wire on the base of the pallet, nail it in place and then line the inside of the planter box with plastic. Make sure you put some drainage holes in the plastic. All you need to do after that is move your planter box into place, fill it with some nice fertile soil and plant whatever you like in there. Planter boxers are perfect for vegetables, herbs or flowers.

Have you experimented with pallet gardening? What did you make with pallets in your garden?