How to get rid of ants in your mailbox without poisons or pesticides

If you’ve got small grandchildren or much-loved pets around the house you might not want to use harsh sprays or chemicals to rid your troublesome ants.

You don’t have to!

There are several natural remedies for ants, but this is by far the cheapest, easiest and safest method we’ve come across, here at Starts at 60.

You’re not going to believe how simple this is… Cornflour.


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All you need to do is pour a pile of cornflour where you see ants coming in or near where you see them gathering outside. It should only take a couple of days (a week at best) before you start to see your ant problem disappear.

What’s the secret?

The ants are drawn to the cornflour and will take it back to the colony just like any other food item. However, eating cornflour is bad for ants — it kills them — because they can’t digest it.

While the method doesn’t have immediate results, it is effective. The added bonus is you don’t have to worry about the harmful side effects of a chemical on your children, pets or wildlife because it isn’t one.

Have you used this method to rid yourself of ants? What other natural methods are you aware of? Share your tips with us.