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If you’re like me, there’s nothing as good as a holiday. But, amongst the excitement of actually heading off for a break, there is also a lot of stress. We have to think about cleaning the house so it is nice to come home to, we have to stop the newspapers, stop the mail, tellthe neighbours we’re going away and worry about whether or not the car, boat or caravan will be safe and secure.

But recently we’ve been learning that there are some people who live the good life and have all of the hassle taken out of holidays – how? They simply live in lifestyle resorts. The residents of these resorts can take off on holiday without worrying about anything – sure, the house still needs a clean, but a tall lawn and junk mail won’t give the game away and make the house unsafe.

Here’s how retirement resorts give you the easiest and most stress free holidays…


Peace of mind

Most lifestyle resorts have onsite management. Tell the resort manager you are off on holiday, ask them to collect the mail and leave knowing your property is secure.


Security in the community

Lifestyle resorts attract likeminded people. It’s wonderful to be a part of a community where people look out for each other. While you are on holiday neighbours will keep an eye on your home and you can return the favour for them.


Easy, secure storage 

Instead of stressing about where the “toys” will be stored – caravans and boats and anything else you happen to be into, you can store them in lock up facilities while you’re not using them and know they are safe.

People who live in lifestyle resorts attest to the convenience they provide. Mal Leyland of Ask the Leyland Brothers TV fame recently moved into a Living Gems lifestyle resort after 12 years of living on acreage.

Mal and his wife Laraine couldn’t be happier. They still enjoy travelling but love to return to their resort home. Mal says when they aren’t travelling; they enjoy relaxing with their neighbours and making the most of the resort facilities.

People who enjoy travelling need a home base; a lifestyle resort is an ideal option. If taking the Grey Nomad trek is part of the plan, the motorhome storage facility is a big bonus. It means you can pack up and be ready to go whenever the fancy takes you.


How often do you go on holidays? Do you find the lead up to your adventure easy or stressful? Share your thoughts in the comments below… 


This article has been sponsored by Living Gems. It has been written by a Starts at 60 writer specifically for the Starts at 60 community to help them gain important insight into their retirement living options. To find out more about the retirement resort lifestyle Living Gems offers, click here

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  1. My only holiday or vacation is when I go to hospital, bed made floors cleaned food lovely nurses to look after you and my. Dr. to make me well again. What more do I want, with no money.

  2. We are lucky our daughter lives with us so we can come and go when ever we want to, knowing everything is being looked after at home

  3. The last time I wee on holidays properly was in 2004 and I was away for 21days but now that I am retired the nearest thing to an adventure holiday is a stay in hospital but as my children say, every day for me is a holiday, they just don’t get it.

  4. Not often enough! 🙂 The lead-up is exciting!

  5. My last holiday was 22 years ago, we drove from Rocky to Cairns and then to Brisbane and back to Rocky. We did this in 1 week as I had to be back to work.

  6. No problems. My son still lives with us. We pack our bags, give him a wave and off we go. Sometimes having a ‘never leaver’ is pretty good.

  7. I visit my mother once a year. But I wouldn’t call it a holiday. It is a 5000klm round trip and I drive it. The cost to put my dog in the kennels is really high but is a necessary part of the cost. Then, the whole time I am with her I am organising things like doctors and specialist visits or carpet and furniture cleaning and taking her shopping for things like underwear that she isn’t able to do on her own. I enjoy the time with her, but I am always glad to get back home where I can rest up and start saving for the next trip to see her.

  8. I live in Retirement Village & love it. It really i stress free living & going on holiday is breeze. I have a little dog & a neighbor is very happy to have her & I do the same for him when he goes away.In fact I am off to Bali for 3 weeks soon & it is completely hassle free. Life really does begin at 60, wouldn`t change a thing except to have my husband back. He died 10 months ago but life has to go on & one has to make the very best of it. We are not here very long. xx Suzie

  9. To be able to afford to travel often, we book and co-ordinate all our trips on line. This can take a long time with checking, booking, re-checking and printing copies of all bookings/flights. This is stressful but allows us to travel overseas 3 times a year as you can access all available deals. Been stung once … holiday package with Expedia.

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