For those serious about investing their nest egg…

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If you’re looking to actively invest your hard-earned savings with the potential for higher returns, it can be challenging to find the right balance between risk and reward. But you don’t need to go it alone.

As part of an unlisted property fund, you can aim higher. You can share in a larger, more reliable investment that would otherwise be off-limits to you as an individual: a property with high-quality, long-term tenants and a strong capital growth profile, selected only after meticulous expert due diligence.

Centuria Property Funds offers the chance to invest in properties $40-300 million in value. They have a proven track record of managing property funds to deliver income and capital returns, with each offering chosen only after a careful study of the income, security, capital growth potential and tax benefits. Whilst each property fund will have different properties, characteristics and risks, Centuria has delivered an average total return to investors in completed funds of 13.2% per annum[1].

The quality of their managed funds have also won them industry recognition. For two years running, their funds have won Unlisted Property Fund of the Year at the Property Investment Research awards[2].

And their latest purchase represents another great opportunity for investors….

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Centuria Property Funds has recently purchased Scarborough House in Canberra in an exciting $72.3 million acquisition – and you could soon be enjoying the benefits.

This 15-story property sits in Woden, Canberra’s prosperous ‘Health Precinct’, and checks off the most ideal wish-list items for any syndicate investor – including a long-term Commonwealth Government lease, A-Grade office asset, and reliable returns already in place.

Reliable long-term tenancy: With 99% of the building already in a long-term lease to the Commonwealth Department of Health, and an average lease expiry of 8.2 years, Scarborough House serves as a stable investment with reliable rental income.

Strong forecast distribution yield: 7.00% per annum (annualised) forecast in the 2017 financial year[3]; 7.25% per annum in 2018 [3, 4] – paid monthly.

Initial gearing: 40%

Energy efficiency: With a 4.5 star NABERS energy efficiency rating, projected capital expenditure is minimal.

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[1] Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Annualised total return of 13.21% is current as at 12 October 2016 and is the average of returns across all funds managed to completion (all real estate assets sold and debt repaid) by Centuria Property Funds Ltd as responsible entity/trustee since 1998 and includes capital gains as well as distributions paid during the life of completed funds shown on a per annum basis. The annualised total return does not represent the current performance of any of Centuria’s funds currently under management. Each fund managed by Centuria Property Funds will have different characteristics, properties and risk and should be assessed by an investor independently of the performance of completed funds. Average per annum returns calculated at the completion of a fund do not take into account returns in any particular year and current or future funds may experience fluctuations in asset values and distributions during the life of a fund. An investment in any of Centuria’s funds may result in a loss of your capital invested and an income distribution from the fund is not guaranteed.

[2] “Property Industry Research (PIR) Unlisted Fund of the Year” in 2012, 2015 and 2016. For copies of the reports please visit

[3] Annualised returns are re-scaled to a period of one year for comparability. Returns in FY17 will be from the date of settlement (expected to be mid-April 2017) to 30 June 2017.

[4] Forecasts and forward looking statements are subject to assumptions and risks to be set out in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which can be found by following the link provided to Centuria’s website. Forecasts are not guaranteed. An investment in the Fund is subject to risk.

Express your interest today A-Grade office asset with rental income underpinned by a long term Commonwealth Government lease.