New flood-prevention tactic could protect millions

It makes a common plan even easier.

With new research revealing that 2.7 million Australians are unprepared for a natural disaster, and extreme weather conditions expected in the upcoming months, it’s more important than ever to find easy and effective prevention methods. 

Queenslanders are among the least prepared for a major weather event, according to, even though the state has seen more than its fair share of disaster damage and flooding in the past decade.

Every year, as disasters loom, people flock to get their hands on sandbags to create flood barriers for their homes. It’s an effective method, but difficult for anyone who isn’t able to shoulder the weight of a full sandbag, or who can’t wait for the help they need from others. 

A new product, the Miracle Sandbag, has come to Australia, and it could totally transform the use of sandbags. A task that might previously have required hours of work could now be carried out in just a few minutes. 

Before activation, these Miracle Sandbags weigh just 250 grams, meaning that most people will be able to move and position them effectively without having to wait for help. They’re easy to store, and can last indefinitely, provided they’re kept dry, which means they’re perfect to have on hand for an emergency. 

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On contact with water, the bags expand and swell to a whopping 18 kilograms by transforming the water into a gel. And no, you don’t have to lift the bags after they’re activated; just stack them however you choose while they’re still flat and light, then add water once they’re in place. After a few minutes, the bags will be fully activated and ready to serve as a solid barrier to protect your home. 

The bags are reusable and, once activated, can last for six to 12 months. They will eventually deflate back to their original, more manageable size after the water evaporates. It might take a few weeks, but a little patience is worth saving yourself from the back-breaking work. 

Miracle Sandbags are still relatively new to Australia, and are available at select Bunnings stores. The contents are biodegradable, so when it’s time to dispose of the Miracle Sandbags you can cut them open and pour the contents straight in the bin. 

You can watch a demonstration video of the Miracle Sandbag below. 

Has your property ever been affected by floods?