Aldi's taking on Bunnings. Here's how its prices stack up

Aldi is giving Bunnings competition.

From food and drink, right through to homeware and stationary, Aldi never fails to surprise with its varied stock on offer.

But just when you thought there was nothing else it could branch out to, it’s trying to give Bunnings a run for its money this summer. From hedge trimmers to saws and batteries, Aldi says it’ll be offering the products as part of its ‘special buys’ line that will be on sale at “incredibly low prices” from  January 20. So will you be browsing the aisles?

Of course, while Bunnings’ products are readily accessible whenever you visit a local store, Aldi’s range is first promoted in its catalogues before appearing on shelves. Then there is the well-known risk that you’ll turn up to your local store, only to find that it only ever had two of the item you covet in stock, and both of them were sold within seconds of the store’s opening.

So, how do Aldi’s prices stack up against its biggest competition in this arena?

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Among Aldi’s new gardening products is the Xfinity 20V Hedge Trimmer at $59.99, with a five-year warranty. Bunnings stocks a whole range of different trimmers on its website, ranging from $59 through to $289. Meanwhile, the Xfinity 20V Cordless Blower Skin from Aldi comes in at $39.99, with the same warranty, whereas Bunnings stocks different varieties from $39 through to $299.

But Aldi’s not stopping with the garden, as hardware products, including saws, batteries and chargers, are lining the shelves too.

The Workzone Titanium 20V Reciprocating Saw is selling at $49.99, while the Workzone Titanium 20V Circular Saw has a retail price of $69.99 with the same warranty. Bunnings, meanwhile, has reciprocating saws ranging in price from $49 to $249, and circular saws from $39 to $648.

Setting up for a big dinner party, and inviting the grandkids round, can take a fair bit of preparation. And the last thing you want to discover in the middle of the day is an empty cupboard with no batteries or chargers. Aldi’s Xfinity Plus 20V Charger is being sold at $19.99, while the Xfinity Plus 20V Battery 4.0Ah is priced at $39.99, both with a one-year warranty.

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Retail giants such as Woolworths and Coles have already come under pressure from the German chain’s price-slashing, and now it seems Bunnings may need to keep a close eye on it too.

Speaking last year about the added pressure, Bunnings’ MD Michael Schneider assured attendees at Wesfarmers’ annual investor strategy briefing that the hardware giant was responding accordingly. (Bunnings is owned by Wesfarmers, which also owns Coles, Kmart, Target, Officeworks, Liquorland and First Choice Liquor among many other Aussie retailers.)

“It’s good for us because competition drives you to go harder at what you want to do,” he told “We’re very quick to respond in terms of putting products in front of customers.”

Meanwhile, Bunnings’ CEO John Gillam insisted the company was pre-empting competitors with the store’s range and marketing strategies.

Will you be shopping at Aldi for your gardening and DIY tools? Or are you a dedicated Bunnings or Mitre 10 fan? 

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