Where has all the common sense gone?

We’ve been badly let down by the people we allow to rule us!

We’ve been let down by politicians. We’ve been let down by bureaucrats. We’ve been let down by church leaders, we’ve been let down by unions and we’ve been let down, through no fault of their own, by teachers.


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The politicians, the bureaucrats, the church leaders and the unions have let us down through stupidity, avarice and a desire to have power over other people.

The teachers have let us down because they have to follow orders regarding curricula, discipline, etc.

Political correctness abounds everywhere and affects all of us, in all walks of life. Stupid, unreasonable rules, invented by people with little common sense, just to bend us to their will, or to make phrases and actions which have served everyone well for generations now seem false or insulting.

I was staggered recently, when I happened to mention to one of the characters listed above, of a person I know who has lost the sight of both eyes. I innocently referred to him as ‘blind’! I was roundly reprimanded and told that he wasn’t blind, he was ‘visually deficient’, or something very similar to that.

I was too stunned to recall the exact wording. It seems to me that the word ‘blind’ has served the human race for centuries to denote someone who can’t see, without insulting anyone. But now it just isn’t good enough.

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I’ve spoken to several sightless people and I can’t find one who is offended at being referred to as ‘blind’! This is just an example, I could name a hundred other instances of the same problem, but it would take up too much time and space to list them!

One of the major problems with these people is that they don’t consider their actions before putting them into effect, and we are usually the sufferers as a result.

Take for instance, the denial of discipline and respect. We are no longer allowed to chastise our children. Everything has to be done on a democratic basis.

We now hear things like, “Don’t you think it would be a good idea to stop strangling the cat, Sebastian?” or,“I really think you ought to go to bed now, Penelope, its gone midnight”. “What if we let you stay up late once you’re three years old, that would be fun wouldn’t it and it’s only twelve months away?”

The trouble with this attitude is that we are now reaping the wind, as they say.

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Young thugs play havoc on trains and trams, elderly people get beaten up in their own homes for the few dollars they have lying around, or ultimately they descend to what those three animals just did in America, shooting a decent young lad in the back, just for the thrill of it!

Or even worse, walking into a school, heavily armed and shooting up half the pupils, just because they’re ‘cheesed off’ about something!

Respect and discipline are the keystones of a civilised society and the more we lose our grip on those assets, the nearer we come to anarchy. A time when none of us can feel safe, in our homes or anywhere else.

And the irony of this is that those very people who created the situation are likely to be the first that will suffer from it. A mob tends to attack authority, not the general mass all around them. We’ve watched it happening already in the Middle East and it could easily happen here, in a truly civilised country like Australia, if we let the situation go too far!

All I want to do is to enjoy the few remaining years of my life with Jacqui, however many more of them there may be, in safety and peace. But I fear that this could be something we will no longer have, in the not too distant future, unless we change our ways!

How can we get respect and discipline back into our society and bring back common sense? How?  Do you agree with my perspective?