What Pisses Me Off: everyone!

Some people piss me off – actually, a lot of people do. The arrogant are high on my list: they think they know everything, they think they can do whatever the hell they want regardless of the consequences to others. When others are hurt because of their arrogance and sheer stupidity, do they step up and take responsibility? Hell no! They lie, they distance themselves, they stick their head in the sand, they will go to extremes to try and make things all about them. Those specimens of the human race really piss me off.

The narcissistic with their endless selfies is another – they get a new scarf, wrap that sucker around their neck and automatically they feel the need to take a selfie. Having a coffee? Take a selfie. New bikini? Take a selfie, even though you are nowhere near a beach or a bathtub or anything resembling water, just got to take a selfie. Sitting in the car, waiting for the lights to change? Time for a selfie! Oh look, I flicked my hair a different way – where’s my camera? The bathroom selfie, now that is classic stuff: just put a bucketload of make up on and it doesn’t matter that the toilet is clearly visible in the background; a selfie is a must, classy stuff!

The sharers, they don’t really piss me off, they annoy me more than anything. They feel the need to share everything: what they eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, their toilet habits, their dog’s toilet habits, what the cat coughed up 2 days ago; it’s a case of anything goes with the sharers. I realise I could delete and block them but truth is, a lot of times they make my day seem good.

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Tattoos. People that automatically judge people with tattoos, those people piss me off. Tattoos do not make a person; actions speak louder than tattoos. Granted there are some naughty boys that have tattoos, but there are also plenty of well dressed, clean skinned people that are down right bad – one should never judge a book by its cover.

My ex husband, the mere thought of him pisses me off. The postman pisses me off! I don’t appreciate the way he is always squashing my mail into the letterbox and also the way he parks his motorbike in the disability spot, now that really pisses me off! The people that don’t walk their dogs, they piss me off. Leaving the poor dog’s yard, bound for their lifetime, shame on them. Telemarketers piss me off, ringing me telling me they are going to give me $7000 if I give them my bank details. Give me a break. When I tell them to ring 1800-Bite-Me, they get pissed off with me!

Mum is 90, she likes to watch morning TV. Every second commercial that comes on is about death. It really pisses Mum off and that’s when I get pissed off with the TV. The bloke will say…”Basic funerals can cost up to $6000″ – I know Mum is always surprised that she keeps waking up, she doesn’t need death thrown at her while eating her Cornflakes.

Forgetting to put Mum’s mobility scooter on charge, that’s when I piss myself off, like now. I should go out and put in on charge, but I am comfortable and I really think I would be more pissed off if I get up, then there is the chance of getting side tracked, and forgetting it again, so I figure I may as well stay in bed, no point upsetting myself!

Do you have a grand list of things that piss you off? Do you agree with any of Christine’s gripes? Tell us below!