What happened to our grandchildren?

Have you noticed that children today have more behavioural problems than ever? A friend of ours, a psychiatrist who deals with adolescents, told us that he sees so many “crazy” kids today compared to when he graduated. Looking back at my years in chiropractic practice, I never saw an autistic child in the early 1970s and only occasionally was there a child with hyperactivity. That changed in the 1990s, and the incidence of autism is going through the roof with each passing decade.

In 1970, the rate of autism was 1 in 5000, today it is 1 in 64 children. Some of this is attributable to a change in the way the disorder is diagnosed. However, even the experts say that there is something else going on. What many of them do not say is what that something is.

The consensus now is that most children with autism have a genetic predisposition. However, researchers believe that there is some environmental factor that triggers the condition into its full-blown manifestation. It could be nutritional or even mass vaccination.

Dr. David Amaral, research director at the University of California, about autism, stated, “Vaccinations for those children actually may be the environmental factor that tips them over the edge of autism. Moreover, I think it is incredibly important still, to try and figure out what, if any, vulnerabilities in a small subset of children might make them at risk for having certain vaccinations”.

I had some patients over the years who noticed within days of their child receiving a vaccine that the behaviour changed significantly. Unfortunately, there have been some who have totally discounted what parents experience and have tried to discredit totally anyone who mentioned that vaccination could be one of the factors.

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Autism is not the only prevalent worrisome condition. ADD, ADHD, and other related conditions are things that not only parents are having to deal with but also it is a stress for grandparents who are involvement with assisting with the care of these children.

There are things that can be done. There is research at this time that is looking at certain brain therapies to make neuroplastic changes in these kids. Practical things we can do is making sure that these children have diets in which there is a minimum of refined sugars and food additives. These aggravate hypersensitive nervous systems. Chiropractic care can also assist, especially with hyperactive children. They may have spinal nerve interference that is throwing their system out of balance.

As a grandparent be aware of all these factors when it comes to your grandchildren because you can have a positive influence on their future direction.


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