Wake up world... This is not the way it was meant to be



I have just been sent an image which stopped me in my tracks. It shows young girls being led in chains to meet their husbands.  This happens in our world, is happening now. Young girls, too young to even know what life is all about, being led off to start reproducing for the cause.

How can we sit back and let this continue, but how helpless we all feel. From our safe haven what can we do? When you read this what does it bring to mind?  Can you imagine your beautiful grandchild being led off to be married in this way?

The laws of the country decree that women have no worth, women are less than a commodity, they are not allowed education or free will. So every day say a little thank you for the fact that we were born into freedom that we can walk around in what we wish to wear, that we don’t have to be in fear if we show our hair! We won’t be beaten if we don’t cover our body completely.

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Can you begin to imagine the horror of those poor girls at their first experience of life as a married woman?  The terror, and the pain, and their loss of innocence, as some of them seem to be below the age of twelve, it just makes me feel beyond sick.

The image of those children will haunt me, and I am just helpless sitting here in my safe haven, all women should be aware of this despicable practice. How do you feel about children being married and expected to produce offspring for the cause at such a young age?  We might just as well be in the Middle Ages when witches were burned and the plague was rampant.  Times have changed in our world, but it certainly has not changed in theirs.  Although I am grateful for our freedom, our peace and all the wonders we can enjoy, I am also humbled by this fact of life in the midst of our freedom and plenty there is this happening, and we are powerless to stop it.

How does this image make you feel? What are your thoughts on the way the world is moving? Share your thoughts in the comments below…