Understanding womens' obsession with fashion: Tobe Frank

To be frank I’ve never really understood women’s obsession with fashion…and more so the accumulation of it.

I’m mystified by how the missus can go shopping for a pair of earrings  and come back with a whole wardrobe because she then needed a dress, pair of shoes and a hat to go with said earrings.

A bloke’s version of this would be buying some bait and coming home with a new fishing boat full of tackle!

I mean could you imagine being these guys in this picture below?


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Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 1.43.17 AM


And what is it with the secrecy of the women?  “Oh this ol’ thing, I’ve had it for ages”, says she, surreptitiously ripping the tag off.  You might have had it for ages but its still new.

Now I’m not saying I don’t mind admiring my lady in nice clothes…far from it, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her in it on more than one occasion…I’m certainly gonna go fishing in my tinnie more than once after all.

Honestly how many of us over sixty remember what we had for lunch let alone what one wore to last years’ black tie ball?  I might remember slinking the missus out of the ball dress and having some “after dinner mints” if you know what I mean… and if I do, I’d probably be more inclined to see her in it again, even if my chances of scoring twice are more remote than petrol station in the outback.

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Men, on the other hand, are fairly easy to please and I’m no exception.    Many would say I’ve been dressing like my own father since I was a young 20 or 30 something.  What’s wrong with that I say?  He always looked sharp… at least I always thought so. Check shorts, horizontal striped polos and deck shoes are timeless classics aren’t they… ladies?

You do see some older geezers trying to relive their youth  through their choice in clothes, but I just can’t get comfy in a pair a jeans clearly designed for a 20 something.   Some of these jeans are so tight they’ve got to be painted on and leave nothing to the imagination in terms of which side of the plate the meat’s on is in relation to the potatoes.  Granted some guys pull it off  (the wearing of the younger jeans that is) whilst others think they are but really we’re all just being too polite to tell them they look like a twat.


What side of the plate are you on?